Experienced Inbound/Content Marketer

We’re looking to hire an experienced inbound/content marketer, with a particular focus on content creation.

We have an existing successful SaaS app in the relationship marketing space for Shopify/WooCommerces stores/Amazon sellers.

We will be expanding our marketing efforts and will need someone to lead our inbound/content marketing.

This is a great opportunity to have major input into a fast growing SaaS app and be part of an exciting, remote-friendly (and all-round friendly!) company in the early stages.

Founders are American and European but we’re based in Asia, so ideally looking for someone in Europe or Asia time-zones.

We’re growing quickly so we’re ideally looking to build a long term relationship with the right candidate.

Please read the following requirements carefully before applying.


Essential skills

- Excellent spoken and written English. This role will involve frequently creating content with team members and customers

- Proven experience marketing SaaS apps

- Good marketing skills. We need someone who can really own inbound/content marketing (in collaboration with other team members) to generate more inbound leads

- A good understand of marketing for retail. We are helping retail brands with ambassador marketing programs but we still need someone able to provide valuable marketing advice for retail brands

- Someone who can always keep the customers in mind and create content to help them make improvements

- Experience using WordPress

- Understanding of SEO. Would expect you to have experience with ranking content and increasing search engine traffic

- SaaS/startup experience

- Genuine interest in writing quality, educational content

- Reliable, self-motivated, comfortable with remote work

- Goal focused rather than task focused. We’re a small team so roles and responsibilities frequently overlap. We need someone to take the initiative whenever they see an opportunity or something needing improvement


Bonus Points

- Experience with ambassador marketing

- Experience with retail/ecommerce marketing

- Experience with podcasts/interviews

- Experience with SEO

- A portfolio of work you can point us to


Ideal candidate

- 3+ years experience

- Good team player and communicator

- Somebody who we can trust and build a friendly relationship. We value cultural fit as much as expertise

- Has contributed to, or is keen to contribute to authority blogs/websites

- You’re not expected to know everything out there but you need to be open to learning and able to pick things up quickly. A good marketing will know how to get it done!

Look forward to hearing from you

Please send details to jobs@brandchamp.io

Contact us about the Inbound/Content Marketer position.