All the features you need to manage ambassador marketing programs

BrandChamp makes it easy to build, manage and scale marketing activities with customers and ambassadors.

All the features you need, none of the hassle
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Perfect for beginners and experts

Fully customizable platform for all types of marketing activities and rewards.

Integrated with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube enabling brands to verify activities from a single dashboard in seconds with one-click.

Create program incentives that increase LTV, AOV and purchase frequency.

Automate everything to save time, eliminate headaches and scale to thousands of engaged participants.

Track referral sales with links, cookie tracking, and discount codes.

Trusted by brands you shop from.

Referral Sales

Track ambassador referrals sales and automatically assign commissions.

Referral Links

With BrandChamp referral links are generated for each participant and can be easily shared.

Cookie Tracking

Cookie tracking enables your business to attribute referral sales even if it takes a couple days or weeks for the new customer to purchase.

Fraud Protection

BrandChamp monitors all referrals and uses automated fraud detection to ensure you only give commissions on valid sales.

Discount Codes

Issuing discount codes for each brand champion and keeping track of every customer that uses them is easy with BrandChamp.

Referral Sales - All Referrals
Ecommerce - Reports


Integrates with your Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon Seller Central.


BrandChamp integrates with leading ecommerce software and marketplaces to track the impact your customers and ambassadors have on sales.

Shopify Stores

With BrandChamp's Shopify integration you get sales analytics, referral links, discount code tracking and can automatically issue rewards, discount codes and gift cards from your store.

Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central integration brings your sales data into BrandChamp and makes it possible to track referral sales using Amazon discount codes.

WordPress WooCommerce

WooCommerce integration let's you generate track referral links, discount codes and build a rewards catalog that can automatically issue rewards to participants.

Social Media

Integrates with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

In-App Sharing

BrandChamp makes it easy for customers and ambassadors to post to social media sites directly within the app.

Social Posts

Create a variety of social media activities that brand ambassadors can complete include pre-configured message with referral links and discount codes.

Social Accounts

BrandChamp saves your social media accounts to make it a one click process to post and submit social content.

Real-Time Feed

With BrandChamp you get a real-time feed of all the social media activities being completed for your business.

Social Media - Awaiting Review
Activity Types - Builder


Create marketing activities for brand ambassadors to complete.

Social Media Posts

Create pre-configured social media posts and make it easy for ambassadors to submit content shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Product Reviews

With BrandChamp you can get more reviews for products that can be posted on your website and other marketplaces where your business sells.

Blog Posts

Setup blog post activities for brand ambassadors that get them rewards for writing blog posts about your business.

Referral Sales

BrandChamp can automatically generate referral tracking links, making it easy to ambassadors to earn and track commissions.

Custom Activities

With BrandChamp you can create custom marketing activities that range from simple to multiple steps.


Track referrals sales and automatically assign commissions.

Points System

BrandChamp has an easy to use point system. When brand ambassadors complete activities and referral sales they earn points that can be exchanged for rewards.

Rewards Catalog

Create a reward catalog with BrandChamp that can include products available on your store, discount codes, gift cards and custom rewards.

Auto-Issue Rewards

Configure product rewards, discount codes and gift cards to be automatically issued by BrandChamp to save you time.

Rewards - Issued Rewards
Emails - with Tags

Email Marketing

Keep everyone up to date with email notifications and newsletters.

Personalized Emails

Create emails and notifications that are personalized and use an ambassadors name and other relevant details.


BrandChamp gives you complete control over building and coding the look of newsletters with HTML, CSS and images.

Group Emails

Send email updates and newsletters to specific segments of brand champions.


Configure automated email notifications for events like new applicants, welcome emails, etc..

User Management

Manage team members and ambassadors with ease.

Admin Accounts

Support for multiple administrative accounts so your entire team can use BrandChamp.

User Details

BrandChamp helps keep track of important user information including segments, email address, profile info, shipping address, etc...

Detailed Histories

Get a detailed history of each brand ambassadors activities, commissions and the rewards they have earned.


With BrandChamp you can manage who gets to participate in marketing campaigns, activities and programs.

Application Form

BrandChamp has an easy-to-use application form builder with integrated terms and conditions checkbox.


Add new brand ambassadors with ease thanks to auto-generated welcome emails and a simple onboarding process.

User Management
Analytics and Reports - Dashboard

Analytics & Reporting

Get analytics and reports on your ambassador marketing campaigns and participants.

Sales & Referrals

BrandChamp pulls in all of your sales and referral on Shopify and Amazon with support for multiple currencies.

Marketing Activities

See what activities are most popular with brand ambassadors so you can improve engagement and participation.

Global and Individual Reports

Reporting on the overall health of your marketing efforts and individual reports for each brand ambassador.

Rewards Tracking

With BrandChamp you can easily keep track of every reward that is issued..


Segment your brand ambassadors to easily create a variety of highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Segment Tags

BrandChamp Tags make it easy to create different segments based an criteria like interests, location, audience, etc...

Multiple Programs

Design different types of marketing programs for brand champions to participate in such as customer rewards and ambassador programs.

Targeted Campaigns

Easily create highly targeted marketing campaigns for your customers, ambassadors and influencers to complete.

Activities and Rewards

Assign different marketing activities and rewards to each segment you create within BrandChamp.

User Management - BrandChamps
Support - Intercom Message


Get help from our team of experts in leveraging BrandChamp for marketing your business.

Knowledge Base

BrandChamp has a searchable knowledge base with guides to help you with getting setup and configuring the app for your business.

Support System

We have a top-notch support team that you can reach out to at any time with questions or to get help configuring marketing activities.

Complimentary Training

Get complimentary 1-on-1 training with our in-house experts to help you get all setup and the most out of BrandChamp.


If you need someone to setup and manage your marketing activities on BrandChamp our team of pros can help.

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