Recruit and On-Board Influencers with Ease

Recruit and Process New Influencers at Scale

BrandChamp makes it easy to recruit new influencers and on-board into your influencer campaigns. With the BrandChamp influencer and ambassador platform you can create an on-boarding and rejection process for new influencers. Save time and streamline the review process for new applicants, select the best influencers and get them started on campaigns.
  • Import your list of influencers
  • Manually add individual influencers
  • Require influencers to fill out a profile
  • Automatically send tasks and rewards to new influencers
  • Send personalized rejection notices with a reward to say thanks
  • Browse, filter and search influencers
Recruit and scale influencers
Influencer social post examples mobile approved activity

Create Lasting Relationships with Influencers

BrandChamp makes it easier for influencers to champion your brand.
Influencers have a dedicated dashboard, the ability to browse challenges,
complete tasks, track rewards and manage their profile.

  • Improve communication with influencers
  • Quickly review their contributions
  • Send them personalized notifications
  • Issue rewards efficiently and on-time
  • Empower influencers to participate in campaigns

Powerful Influencer Portal

Each influencer will be able to login to your branded influencer portal. This
gives influencers the ability to select campaigns and challenges to participate
in, submit content for review and access rewards.

  • Personalized account for each influencers
  • Branded URL and login
  • Influencers can browse challengs and tasks to complete for rewards
  • Rewards are tracked and reported to influencers
  • Discounts and coupons for free products can be directly issued to influencers
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Influencer portal interface drawing

Detailed Influencer Profiles

Influencers can create detailed profiles that include a profile photo, social
media accounts, and bio. They can manage their profile directly in
BrandChamp and submit changes for review and approval. Best of all,
BrandChamp provides you with an embedded influencer directory.

  • Influencers can manage and update their profiles
  • Display influencers in a directory on your website
  • Review profile updates to make sure they meet your standards
  • Search and discover influencers by specific criteria

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