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Share content created by influencers and connect with new followers on social media

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"BrandChamp has been our go-to tool to grow and manage a successful ambassador program."

Leah Emmott, CEO

Inner Fire

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BrandChamp makes it easy to reward ambassadors for helping promote your brand, participating in marketing campaigns and referring new customers

Feature Integrations


Create activities for ambassadors to complete to promote your brand across sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



Track ambassador referral sales and automatically issues them a commission.



Give brand ambassadors rewards points that they can exchange for discounts, gift cards, free products and custom rewards.

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Integrates with top ecommerce solutions and marketplaces

BrandChamp integrates with Shopify and Shopify Plus to make it easy to track referral sales, issue discount codes to ambassadors and even auto-issue rewards.

Successful Brand Ambassador Programs

Vibe Kayaks

Vibe Kayaks

Using BrandChamp, the Vibe Kayak’s Pro Fishing Team was able to easily submit their participation in fishing contests and activities promoting Vibe Kayaking.

Instead of having to spend hours tracking and calculating rewards for members of the team, BrandChamp automated that process for the brand. The reports and dashboard in BrandChamp also made it easier for the Vibe Kayaks team to see what everyone was doing and the impact they were making on the brand

Inner Fire

Thanks to the BrandChamp platform, Inner Fire was able to consistently improve the performance of their brand ambassador program and save countless hours every week on administrative tasks.

Their team was able to invest that additional time into building a thriving, passionate community of brand ambassadors that consistently deliver a healthy marketing ROI every month, instead of wasting hours every week processing applications, managing complex spreadsheets, calculating rewards and sending email notifications.

Inner Fire

Start growing your community of brand champions today!