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Brands using rewards programs like could be generating more referral sales with BrandChamp. Is Only A Rewards Program

A rewards program looked at in isolation from other relationship marketing programs is a great way of getting some extra sales and customers.

There are other types of relationships that brands should have with customers, beyond just asking them to push a discount code or liking a brand page.

Brands Generate More Referral Revenue With BrandChamp

Meanwhile, brands using BrandChamp on average generate 20%+ total revenue from measurable referral sales through ambassador, influencer and affiliate programs with thousands of participants. 

"BrandChamp enabled us to scale our relationship marketing programs to 1,000+ participants generating 70,000+ tagged Instagram photos and hundreds of thousands of dollars of measurable referral revenue."

Noelle Wilson, Community Manager, Skirt Sports

Built for ecommerce brands serious about relationship marketing


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Automate invitations, activities, activity verification and reward distribution to grow your program to the scale it needs.


E-Commerce Integrations

Integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon & Google Analytics to track referral sales through cookies, links and discount codes.

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Integrated with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to help you verify and approve participant activities from your dashboard in one-click.


Customer Success

Dedicated Customer Success Manager with experience running ambassador, influencer and affiliate campaigns generating millions.



Track the data you need to understand and communicate how your relationship marketing programs contributes to your brand's bottom line.

Looking for a Smile io alternative?

So which is better, BrandChamp, or Smile io?


Ecommerce Integrations
Amazon Seller Central
Google Analytics
Campaign Types
Referral Tracking
Referral links
Discount codes
In-App Social Sharing
Product Reviews
Blog Posts
Custom Activities
Only through Smile API
Segment Activities
Social Integrations
Point System
Cash Rewards
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Auto-Issue Rewards For Verified Activities
Rewards Catalog
Reward: Discounts
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Reward: Custom Reward
Analytics & Reporting
Referral sales revenue
Number of refered purchases
Most popular activities
Rewards issued
Campaign KPIs
Individual Participant KPIs
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Complimentary training
24x7 chat & email support
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1. Benefits of a Rewards Program Such As Smile io


The biggest benefit of a rewards program is that it requires minimal effort and you can get customers started quickly and easily.. So when they first make a purchase you can ask them to do a few basic activities for rewards, such as:


  • Follow you on social
  • Refer their friends and family to your brand
  • Share your special discount offer on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc


Customers are most engaged with your brand right after they make a purchase and after they receive a product, and that’s the best time to target them for a rewards program.


However, this is as far as a rewards program goes. And that’s where your business will start running into a bottleneck. How? Let us explain.


A rewards program like is highly transactional and focused on activities immediately post-sale like sharing a discount code or liking a brand page. 


Some of your customers have large social audiences and would make great influencer or affiliates, some of your customers love your brand so much they want to promote it all the time.


2. Your Brand Has Different Relationships With Different Customers


The biggest drawback with a rewards-program-only software is that it does not allow you to have different relationships with different customers.


Consider real life. We all have different levels of relationships with different people - siblings, parents, extended family, friends, best friends, coworkers, acquaintances, .   


A rewards program is only one type of relationship, and it means you’re not taking advantage of other types of valuable customer relationships such as brand ambassadors, influencers, and affiliate relationships.


Or you’re managing your different relationships in different apps that don’t talk to each other.


Sure, with they’ll be able to refer a couple of friends and followers and get some discounts, but what happens after that?


  1. What if your customer loves your brand so much they want to promote it once a week?
  2. What if your customer has a large social audience?
  3. What if your customer has a large email list?
  4. What if your customer has a high degree of influence in general?


These are major missed opportunities. You’re losing a lot of brand recognition and sales because you’re tied to a tool which only lets you create a rewards program.


3. Smile io And Other Rewards Programs See High Drop Offs In Engagement


Most rewards program see a major drop off in participation after the participant has carried out a few of the basic sharing activities offered by rewards programs.


If one of your friends keeps pushing a  discount offer on their social accounts, you’re going to be turned off by it. There’s nothing novel and authentic about a discount offer: it’s a blatant and badly disguised sales pitch.


In order to avoid alienating their friends and followers, your customers are simply going to stop sharing your discount offers.


Brands are no longer generating ROI on one-off influencer campaigns, and the same is true when your customers promote your brand. It takes 6 touch points for a consumer to remember an advertisement, and rewards programs aren't setup to engage other customers over longer periods of time.


BrandChamp’s ambassador software enables brands to incentivize promotion over months and years, and in 2018 the average brand ambassador on BrandChamp generated 8.4 referrals. 


4. And Other Rewards Programs Don't Let Your Biggest Fans Do More


Customers who are impressed by your brand and its products and services will have a high level of enthusiasm of spreading the word about you. But they’ll be severely limited if you only have a rewards program in place.


What if your customers want to do more for your brand, but it’s actually your rewards program that is hindering them?


BrandChamp enables brands to provide feedback on their customer's social posts, and engage their biggest fans over the long term driving more referral revenue.


5. If You Use Rewards Software Like You Need Other Software For Ambassadors, Influencers And Affiliates


  • Brands using a rewards program can still create other types of programs
  • However it requires using multiple apps, spreadsheets or documents that don't talk to each other
  • This creates problems because brands now have to track individuals across multiple programs, data gets out of sync, and manual tasks impact brand's ability to scale to hundreds or thousands of participants. 


Systems don’t talk to each other. If you want to transition someone from one program to another. Link to the person


Brandchamp customers are generating 20% of total brand revenue from measurable referral  Maximize your customer relationships.


6. BrandChamp Helps Brands Convert Their Most Engaged Customers Into Brand Ambassadors


Brand Ambassadors are your brand’s biggest fans. They’re normal everyday people, with normal everyday social reach.


These super fans integrate your brand and products into their identity and how they communicate themselves with the world.


The average Brand Ambassador on BrandChamp has a 2.3x higher LTV than the average customer and will also generate 8.4 measurable referral sales over the course of a year.


To create a meaningful impact on revenue, brands need to scale ambassadors programs to hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of participants.


BrandChamp's ambassador software automates the entire ambassador workflow from ambassador approving ambassador applications, to pre-built promotional activities to keep your ambassadors engaged, one-click activity verification to ensure brand compliance, without leaving BrandChamp and auto issuing rewards to ambassadors as they accumulate points and referral sales. 


Check out the #1 ambassador program template to learn how Skirt Sports generated 70,000 pieces of tagged user-generated content and thousands of new customers with an cLTV measured in hundreds of dollars. 


7. Brands Use BrandChamp To Grow Giant Affiliate Programs


Brands use BrandChamp to supercharge their affiliate programs. Some features that BrandChamp provides include:


  1. Verify affiliate activities for brand compliance without leaving the BrandChamp app through integrations with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter YouTube & WordPress.
  2. Track affiliate revenue in Amazon
  3. Easily sync your affiliate data to Google Analytics with uniquely auto generated UTM tags
  4. Track the LTV of referred customers for more insight into affiliate ROI (coming 2019)


8. BrandChamp Helps Brands Run High Performing Influencer Programs


We polled 35 top influencer marketers generating hundreds of millions of dollars through influencers on how ROI is changing in 2019, and there were two overwhelming trends


  1. ROI on mega influencers is decreasing, and brands are trending towards micro and nano influencers
  2. ROI on one-off influencer promotions is decreasing, and brands are shifting towards longer term engagements over weeks and months


Brands need to recruit and engage hundreds to thousands of micro influencers, nano influencers and customers to maintain the same social reach they experienced with mega influencers, and to contribute a meaningful percentage of total brand revenue.


Brands also need to keep these hundreds or thousands of micro and nano influencers engaged and promoting the brand week after week and month after month.


Influencer recruitment software isn’t enough, and brands lacking adequate scale or ability to manage long term influencer engagements won’t generate a meaningful amount of revenue from their influencer investments.


BrandChamp solves both of these challenges for e-commerce brands by enabling them to scale to thousands of influencers and keep these influencers engaged and accountable over long term engagements.


BrandChamp tracks influencer ROI through integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon Seller Central, and Google Analytics so brands can measure performance on an individual level and iterate on their programs.


9. BrandChamp Provides Meaningful Data At A Glance



BrandChamp provides all of the information you need to iterate on a winning program. Get detailed statistics on all of your relationship marketing programs in one place.

All of these statistics can be tracked program wide, and down to the individual enabling brands to determine which influencers, the type of content, and the type of audience their promotions resonate msot with


  1. Referral revenue, number of orders
  2. Number and type of social shares
  3. Number of activities completed
  4. Number of participants who completed an activity
  5. Number of new applications


10. Dive Into The Details


Communicate to stakeholders how your relationship marketing investments contribute to your brand's monthly revenue.


BrandChamp tells you which participants are generating referral sales enabling brands to:


  1. Double down on over performing participants
  2. Cut under performing participants
  3. Insight into the type of content and audiences that drive the majority of your referral sales





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