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Learn about how Faviana was able to mobilize an active community of brand ambassadors to help promote the brand.


SheShreds supports female athletes to push their limits with athletic gear and a thriving athlete community. Gina Duffy founded SheShreds in 2013 when she recognized the need for better support and opportunities for women in action and adventure sports. The brand not only sells adventure sports clothing and gear, but also sponsors female-focused sporting events that give women athletes a place to live their passion.

The Challenge

With demand growing for their brand ambassador program, SheShreds faced challenges with bringing on new ambassadors and tracking the results of their program. They struggled with spreadsheet reporting and leaned on ambassadors to help with data entry. The more their ambassador program grew, the more they needed streamlined onboarding and operations.

How BrandChamp Helped

SheShreds uses Shopify for their clothing shop, and with BrandChamp’s seamless integration, they can see real-time sales and activity from their brand ambassadors. And with automated reporting, they can evaluate the results of their ambassador program without maintaining tedious spreadsheets.

SheShred’s ambassador onboarding process was streamlined using BrandChamp’s customizable application form and automated drip welcome emails. Ambassadors could now easily redeem gift card rewards when purchasing from the SheShreds website.


Within days of starting on the BrandChamp platform, SheShreds saw a growth of their ambassador program and a better quality experience for ambassadors to easily manage their work. With BrandChamp’s Shopify integration, SheShreds gained insight into their ambassador network’s activities and could easily track the success of their community. They can now track referral sales, easily onboard new ambassadors into the program, and pull reports with a click of a button. SheShreds now has over 60 applications a month to join their ambassador program, with 19% of their monthly sales attributed to ambassador referrals.

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