Referral Sales

Increase referrals to fuel growth

Automate advocate & ambassador referral sales tracking, management and onboarding. 

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Referral Links & Discount Codes

Issue referral links and discount codes with different offers for your ambassadors.

Branded Links

Create branded referral links for ambassadors to share online.

Cash, Gift Cards & Point Rewards

Reward ambassadors with cash and point commissions.

User Generated Content

Source user-generated content at scale

Give advocates & ambassadors rewards for creating and sharing user-generated content on social media.

Collect Pics, Videos & Reviews

Easily collecte user-generated content directly from ambassadors.

Social Media View

See what social media posts look like on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter complete with social metrics.

Store & Organize UGC

All of the content created by ambassadors stored and organized in one location.

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Social Media

Drive social media engagement and reach

Coordinate social activities for activities & ambassadors to build brand awareness, improve engagement and reach. 

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Create Social Activities

Design social media activities for ambassadors to complete for rewards.

Generate More Engagement

Drive engagement with the help of ambassadors to reach more people on social.

Reach A Bigger Audience

Mobilize ambassadors to engage with your posts and create content to share with their followers.


Design rewards that increase customer lifetime value

Provide advocates & ambassadors with a personalized rewards catalog that automatically issues rewards in real-time. 

Build A Rewards Catalog

Design personalized rewards catalogs for different tiers or segments of your ambassador program.

Automatically Issue Rewards

Set rewards to be automatically issued on your store to provide ambassadors the best customer experience.

Discounts, Products & Cash Rewards

Create any type of reward including discounts on your store, gift cards, cash payments and custom rewards.

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Measure ROI & Keep Growing

Detailed analytics updated in real-time to provide valuable insights to improve ROI and identify the most valuable advocates & ambassadors. 

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Real-Time Analytics

Analytics for ambassador activities, social metrics, sales revenue, referral sales are updated in real time.

Personalized Reports

Drill down on the performance of individual ambassadors with insight on the activities, referrals and rewards they have earned.

Ranked Leaderboard

Rank ambassadors based on the value they are creating.

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