Everything you need to start marketing with the help of customers, fans, and influencers.

Marketing your brand and products online with the help of brand champions has never been simpler, faster and more scalable.


Marketing online has never been easier

Setup your brand champion marketing in minutes and create authentic campaigns for your brand.

Social Media

BrandChamp integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make it easy to share a post with a single click.

Referral Sales

Each brand champion gets a unique referral link and discount code to track all the sales they help generate for your business.

Marketing Activities

With BrandChamp you can create any type of marketing activity, it can be a single activity or multiple steps that need to be completed.

Recurring Campaigns

Marketing campaigns in BrandChamp can be made available one time or can be set to be available a specific number of times every week or month.

Analytics & Reporting

Optimize for growth and sales revenue

Leverage valuable insights and detailed reports to improve marketing campaigns and help grow your business.


Get a dashboard that reports your sales, referrals and the activity of your brand champions in real-time.

Return on Investment

BrandChamp helps you see the ROI of your marketing activities and hone in on what is creating the most value for your business.


With BrandChamp you can target marketing activities, rewards, and communication to very specific segments of your brand champions.


Get detailed reporting on your business and marketing campaigns down to the activities and value created by individual brand champions.

Save time and automate marketing operations

Focus on your business and let BrandChamp help with the rest.


With BrandChamp you can collect new applicants, select who to accept and automate the on board to get them started with ease.

Email Communication

Create email notifications and newsletters with 10+ personalization variables that can be sent to all your brand champions or specific segments of brand champions.


Powerful integration with Shopify and Amazon Seller Central that helps to automate reporting, tracking, referral links and discount codes, as well as issuing rewards.


Build a rewards catalog that lets brand champions select the rewards they want and automatically issuing them in seconds.

Social Media

All types of businesses are turning to customers, fans and influencers to help with marketing:

$6.50+ for every $1

Return on Investment

11X Performance Increase

vs Traditional Marketing

37% Higher

Customer Retention Rates

Dynamic Perception
Inner Fire
She Shereds
She Shreds

BrandChamp is the solution we have been searching for to help us manage and grow our Ambassador Program.

Sara Poncelet, Ambassador Program Director, She Shreds

Inner Fire

BrandChamp has been our go-to tool to grow and manage a successful ambassador program

Leah Emmott, CEO, Inner Fire Apparel

All the important features you need

Perfect for beginners and experts

Fully customizable platform for all types of marketing activities and rewards.

Integrated with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify and Amazon Seller Central.

Segment participants to create highly targeted marketing programs.

Marketing automation to save time, eliminate headaches and scale campaigns.

Track referral sales with links, cookie tracking, and discount codes.

We’re here to help with great support and access to marketing experts.