Partner Program

Become a BrandChamp Partner to grow your agency and help your clients build successful relationship marketing programs.

Partner with us to fuel your agencies growth

BrandChamp's Partner Program transforms how you and clients market and drive growth

With BrandChamp, there’s no limit to how much you can scale your agency’s growth while helping clients achieve a better ROI with their marketing budget. An end-to-end solution for all of your relationship marketing needs. The tools you need to help clients and achieve sustained growth.

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More than just software

We’re passionate about relationship marketing and creating powerful software. We’re equally passionate bout helping and supporting our agency partners to drive growth and improve the performance they deliver clients. Beyond our software, we give you access to insights, guidance and training to help your agency improve the outcomes you deliver to clients.

Increase revenue per client

Offering relationship marketing software allows your agency to build larger retainers and a subscription revenue stream.

Improve client retention

Providing relationship marketing services enables your agency to offer leading marketing strategies and solutions that deliver a sustainable ROI to keep clients engaged in recurring retainers.

Better outcomes for clients

BrandChamp partners have insight into all the data, reporting and growth opportunities to maximize client returns on marketing spend and benefit from improved operational efficiency.

Who's a good fit?

BrandChamp’s Partner Program is for agencies that want to grow their business, add subscription revenue streams, and provide clients with a leading relationship marketing platform to fuel growth.

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