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American Dream Nut Butter

American Dream Nut Butter saw over 21,000 pieces of UGC generated by their ambassadors in a single year via BrandChamp.

“We’re seeing more growth with BrandChamp — point-blank. Ambassador engagement is higher, which means more referrals and more sales.”

Savannah Butler
Influencer/Marketing Specialist, American Dream Nut Butter


Legion Athletics

After switching to BrandChamp, Legion Athletics’ Sponsorship Department went from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in annual revenue. Learn how the world’s #1 all-natural sports supplement brand scaled its program and built a thriving community around its brand.

“When we first made the switch to BrandChamp, my department was doing hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual revenue. Now, I’m seeing millions of dollars in annual revenue.”

Miles Putney
Senior Director of Sponsorship, Legion Athletics

legion athletics logo


How EHPlab’s monthly financials have increased five-fold.
“Before BrandChamp, I had approximately $6,000 coming through a month. This month (June 2021), we’ve seen nearly $30,000 coming in.”

Ashleigh Klimt-Dalton
All Star Specialist, EHP Labs

EHPlab logo


Learn how Herbaland uses BrandChamp’s many ambassador management features — from email targeting to reward tracking to building tiered commission structures — to build their brand.
“We’ve seen a significant increase in our brand awareness and more customers.”

Siona Baldwin
Marketing Assistant

Herbaland logo

Ragnar Relay

BrandChamp helped Ragnar hold ambassadors to a higher standard.
“Ragnar Relay is stoked by all the possibilities BrandChamp offers and our relationship is still in its early stages.”

Kimmi van der Veen
Grassroots Marketing Manager

Ragnar Relay logo

Ziggy's Naturals

Learn how BrandChamp added structure, facilitated outreach, and made it easy to engage ambassadors in activities.
“We’ve gone from zero to 87 ambassadors. Now we have all these people who have been wanting to work with us and a way for them to do it.”


Ziggy’s Naturals logo

Passion Planner

Learn how Passion Planner uses BrandChamp to create a space for ambassadors to engage with their product, build community and inspire amazing user-generated content.
“We realized that there wasn’t much accountability in terms of how we were running our reps program.”

Geminelle Rollins Malone
Community Relations Lead

Passion Planner Logo

Customer Testimonials

“If you make it easy for ambassadors to get involved through a platform like BrandChamp, you’ll soon have a lot of content and a library of photos to use whenever you want.”

Hallie Vasseur
Creative Director

Ben Hogan golf equipment company logo

“BrandChamp had it all for us in terms of engaging and really building a community.”

Geminelle Rollins Malone
Community Relations Lead

Passion Planner Logo

Skirt Sports

Learn how Skirt Sports converted 1,000+ of their most engaged customers into brand ambassadors that generating 70,000+ Instagram photos and is the #1 sales channel for the brand.

“With BrandChamp we’ve integrated 5 systems into 1!”

Noelle Wilson
Community Outreach Manager

Skirt Sports logo

Kaged Muscle

Discover how Kaged Muscle built a thriving ambassador marketing program that drives $10,000+ in referral sales and thousands of pieces of user generated content every month with 400 brand ambassadors.

“BrandChamp has cut down my time managing ambassadors by nearly 70% while increasing growth of our Brand Ambassador program nearly 10 times over!”

Nolan Heyr
Marketing Manager
Kaged Muscle Logo


Pela was able to expand from just an influencer program to build a multi-tiered community of ambassadors, fans and customers all-in-one platform with BrandChamp.

“It’s where all my community comes to live!”

Amy Gopal
Marketing Specialist
Pela Case Logo

Yoga People

Yoga People helps brands build and grow community of brand ambassadors for online promotions and to refer new customers. BrandChamp has helped Yoga People to improve the ROI of ambassadors programs and save countless hours on day to day operations.

Inner Fire

Inner Fire was able to consistently grow referral sales of thousands per month, generate hundreds of social media posts, add thousands of new followers and get featured on influential blogs. They were also able to improve the ranking of products on Amazon to the first page of search results by driving referral sales & influential product reviews.

“BrandChamp has been our go-to tool to grow and manage a successful ambassador program.”

Leah Emmott

Inner Fire Apparel Logo


SheShreds has a large and growing community of ambassadors who regularly create new photos and videos featuring the brand and promote the clothing across social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. By using BrandChamp they were able to streamline operations, track performance and increase ambassador engagement.

Ben Hogan Golf

How we helped Ben Hogan Golf with their Brand Ambassador needs.
“We wanted something straightforward, very simple, and that did what we wanted it to do. You’ve delivered.”

Hallie Vasseur
Creative Director

Ben Hogan golf equipment company logo

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