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Learn how Skirt Sports converted 1,000+ of their most engaged customers into brand ambassadors to build a thriving ambassador community.

Thanks to the brand ambassador program they are generating 70k+ Instagram photos featuring the brand and ambassadors are one of the biggest drives of sales growth for the brand.


Kaged Muscle tapped into a passionate community of customers and fitness influencers to create content, drive referrals and introduce new customers to the brand.

This ambassador program has lead to thousands of piece of user generated content and $10k+ in referral sales.

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Vibe Kayaks Ambassador
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Vibe Kayaks is a passionate brand of avid fisherman and kayakers that are committed to providing outdoors and water sports enthusiasts with the best kayaks and accessors.

They are passionate about giving paddlers of all skill level the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and fishing.


Inner Fire was able to consistently grow referral sales of thousands per month, generate hundreds of social media posts, add thousands of new followers and get featured on influential blogs.

They were also able to improve the ranking of products on Amazon to the first page of search results by driving referral sales and influential product reviews.

Inner Fire Ambassadors
Yoga People Ambassadors

Yoga People helps brands build and grow community of brand ambassadors for online promotions and to refer new customers.

BrandChamp has helped Yoga People to improve the ROI of ambassadors programs and save countless hours on day to day operations.

She Shreds

SheShreds has a large and growing community of ambassadors who regularly create new photos and videos featuring the brand and promote the clothing across social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

By using BrandChamp they were able to streamline operations, track performance and increase ambassador engagement.

She Shreds Ambassadors