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What are Good Brand Ambassador Interview Questions?

Hiring the right employees is vital for the success of any company and that is no different when it comes to hiring brand ambassadors. Increased brand recognition and sales are among some of the things that are to be expected when a company invests in his brand ambassadors. One of the first steps when starting an ambassador program is finding

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8 Ways Influencer and Ambassador Marketing Is Delivering Huge Returns

Marketing is all about social media, but the days of using paid advertising to promote brands are coming to an end. Influencer and ambassador marketing is the lucrative way brands reach their markets and develop a coveted following. For brands looking to start doing influencer or ambassador marketing, the news couldn’t be better. There is a huge selection of influencers

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What is the Average Brand Ambassador Salary in 2020?

Before diving into some numbers, it’s worth noting that there are full-time brand ambassador jobs that pay a salary. These are more difficult to find but can compensate with rates competitive to US salaries ($30k and up). For example, Yelp pays its community ambassadors upwards of $70k a year for a full-time, intensive position. However, for the purpose of this

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5 Awesome Beauty Brand Ambassador Programs on Instagram

Beauty brands on Instagram have become increasingly recognizable due to a significant push in the growth of the beauty industry as a whole. According to Business Insider, beauty has become a $500 billion a year industry, due to a few trends. One of which is the use of social media platforms, specifically Instagram. Since influencer marketing has grown rapidly over

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Ambassador Referral Tips for $25k+ in Monthly Referral Sales

You know that feeling when you’re 3 hours into a deep Youtube hole and wondering why people aren’t as concerned about the Bermuda Triangle as you are? Then the man with a ponytail you’ve been listening to explain the disappearance of a plane in 1950 tells you to click a link so you can save money on an electric toothbrush?

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Lululemon Ambassadors

Guide to the Lululemon Ambassador Program

Lululemon is kind of hard to miss. If you’ve been to yoga you’ve seen their gear. If you’ve been to a workout class, your over-energized “unrealistically positive for 7 am on a Tuesday morning in January” instructor is wearing their stuff. Hell, if you’ve watched college football, your team’s coach probably just struck a deal with Lululemon to be his

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The 5 Best College Brand Ambassador Programs

There are 3 things that will never change. Death, taxes, and college students needing more sources of income. Ambassador programs can give students studying at universities the opportunity to not only make a little extra money but also give themselves professional exposure by teaming up with well-established brands such as Red Bull, Starbucks, Chipotle, etc. Whether it be simple social

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Biggest Problem with Influencer Marketing

Biggest Problems with Influencer Marketing

In the past five or so years, influencer marketing has proven to be more effective than traditional forms of advertising. Its effectiveness is mostly due to it being new, exciting, unique, and, to an extent, personal. Unlike the typical ads, the content that influencers produce is “unpredictable” and original. It represents the influencer’s personal brand, it is quirky and appealing

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Get Brand Ambassadors

How to Get Brand Ambassadors

Getting brand ambassadors is easier, cheaper, and more effective than collaborating with influencers when it comes to customer satisfaction and the number of sales over a longer period of time. Not only are they easier to recruit, they are also trusted more than traditional influencers. Brand ambassadors are usually regular customers, but can also be respected members of their communities,

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Ambassador Program Outline

Ambassador Program Outline

This outline is used by hundreds of e-commerce brands to generate 20% of total brand revenue from measurable referral sales their brand ambassadors generate. Learn how Skirt Sports converted 1,000 of their brands biggest fans into brand ambassadors generating 70,000 tagged Instagram pictures and hundreds of thousands of dollars in measurable referral revenue with their ambassador program. Finding Ambassadors Smart

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