Lululemon Ambassadors

Guide to the Lululemon Ambassador Program

Lululemon is kind of hard to miss. If you’ve been to yoga you’ve seen their gear. If you’ve been to a workout class, your over-energized “unrealistically positive for 7 am

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The 5 Best College Brand Ambassador Programs

There are 3 things that will never change. Death, taxes, and college students needing more sources of income. Ambassador programs can give students studying at universities the opportunity to not

Planning a Product Launch with Ambassadors

Planning out your brand’s product launches can be a time-consuming process. From creating the message of your campaign to establishing KPIs and goals, product launches require much time and effort.

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8 Strategies To Find Brand Ambassadors

Finding ambassadors for your program is easier than you think! By including information about your ambassador program in your brand’s communication channels, you can easily save time finding the people

Paying Your Brand Ambassadors With Products

Creating marketing activities and rewards for an ambassador program can be a time-consuming process. From creating fun and effective activities to offering rewards that incentivize your ambassadors, the process of

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Tracking Ambassador’s Participation

The process of tracking ambassador participation levels can be time-consuming. From looking at individual contributions to monitoring the engagement from the entire program, tracking ambassador’s participation simply requires a lot

Happy Ambassadors

8 Rewards That Make Ambassadors Happy

In order for any ambassador program to be successful, it must first have happy participants. Happy brand ambassadors talk about your brand more, promote it in a positive light and