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Lululemon Ambassadors

Guide to the Lululemon Ambassador Program

Lululemon is kind of hard to miss. If you’ve been to yoga you’ve seen their gear. If you’ve been to a workout class, your over-energized “unrealistically positive for 7 am

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The 5 Best College Brand Ambassador Programs

There are 3 things that will never change. Death, taxes, and college students needing more sources of income. Ambassador programs can give students studying at universities the opportunity to not

Get Brand Ambassadors

How to Get Brand Ambassadors

Getting brand ambassadors is easier, cheaper, and more effective than collaborating with influencers when it comes to customer satisfaction and the number of sales over a longer period of time.

Ambassador Program Outline

Ambassador Program Outline

This outline is used by hundreds of e-commerce brands to generate 20% of total brand revenue from measurable referral sales their brand ambassadors generate. Learn how Skirt Sports converted 1,000

Planning a Product Launch with Ambassadors

Planning out your brand’s product launches can be a time-consuming process. From creating the message of your campaign to establishing KPIs and goals, product launches require much time and effort.