Since the 1920s, golf has been a popular recreational activity. As of 2019, the number of people playing golf in the United States was approximately 24.3 million, resulting in over $2.3 billion worth of goods sold that year in the golf equipment market alone. For golf brands, these passionate enthusiasts represent golden opportunities for brand growth. How? Through brand ambassador marketing and customer loyalty programs

While you’ll find six golf brands below, the strategies are relevant for any brand. If you want to invest in these tools for growth, these six brands will provide you with the inspiration you need to get started. A small investment in this marketing strategy can yield big results. 

1. Ben Hogan Golf

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment was founded in 1953. But still today, the company is committed to innovation, offering the finest golf equipment money can buy at affordable prices. The brand believes that golf equipment has become too expensive and the buying process too complicated — it wants to change that. Using the same manufacturing techniques that Ben Howard pioneered, the company prioritizes quality and vision without the retail markup. 

Golf fans know and respect Ben Hogan, as well as the company he built. That is why the brand created the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Social Media Ambassador Team.

To be considered for this program, applicants must:

  • Have an active Instagram or Twitter account with more than 5,000 followers 
  • Show support for Ben Hogan Golf Equipment, sharing and commenting on content 
  • Be able to communicate effectively and professionally 
  • Not be a brand ambassador for any competitors 
  • Authorize the use of their photos for Ben Hogan
  • Be 18 years or older 

The requirements, once accepted, are more extensive than those of many other brand ambassador marketing programs. All brand ambassadors are expected to:

  • Submit at least 12 high-quality pieces of content each month — videos or photos 
  • Create buzz around new products and upcoming events 

However, that is a small price to pay for what is given in return. As written in the brand ambassador agreement, accepted applicants will receive up to eleven clubs, including three TK wedges, and additional merchandise. 

2. TaylorMade

TaylorMade Golf is an American equipment manufacturing company based in California. The brand focuses mainly on golf equipment and gear, producing balls, clubs, and clothing. Another company with a long and impressive history, TaylorMade Golf Company was born in 1979. Since then, this brand has created a legacy. 

TaylorMade’s brand ambassadors are primarily talented players who share a deep passion for golf, such as Chris Trott. To better connect with its loyal customer base, this brand understood the value of customer loyalty programs and implemented the Team TaylorMade Loyalty Rewards Program

How it works:

  • When shopping and engaging with TaylorMade, members earn points 
  • Members can earn extra points by referring a friend, signing up for the brand’s newsletter, engaging in trade-ins, or downloading the myRoundPro app
  • Points are redeemable for money off purchases

This program’s structure involves varying tiers. The higher the tier, the more benefits. However, all loyalty members receive free shipping, regardless of their tier. 

For example:

 Points accelerator 1x 1.25x 1.5x 
Free 2nd day shipping  YES YES
Exclusive invitations YESYES
Free personalization on select products  YES

To join, customers must first create an account.

3. FootJoy

FootJoy is in the business of performance golf shoes, clothing, and gloves for men, women, and children. This brand balances technology and craftsmanship to create products golf enthusiasts know and trust. FootJoy widely advertises within the professional golf industry. However, the company also invests in brand ambassador marketing. 

The FJ Ambassador Program aims to support its community, which includes the golf lovers who share their passion for the company and sport. This program is unique in that ambassadors receive a membership to earn points. To become an ambassador, individuals must uphold the FootJoy brand and engage in the community. Instead of applying and being accepted, participants need to earn the title of ambassador.

For example, to earn points, people can:

  • Comment on a blog for 3 points (maximum points are unlimited)
  • Reply to a discussion thread for 3 points (maximum points are unlimited)
  • Start a new discussion thread for 5 points (maximum points are unlimited)
  • Email a MyJoys design to a friend for 10 points (maximum points are 100)
  • Make a purchase on to earn 1 point per dollar (maximum points are 4000)

As community members accumulate points, they hit higher levels. This approach is similar to those of some of the most successful customer loyalty programs. 

For example, members need to have between 500-14,999 points to become a bronze-level community member. There are also silver and gold levels, followed by the FootJoy ambassador level, which requires 6000+ points. 

Here are the FootJoy Community guidelines


KINONA set out to revolutionize golf apparel for women. Its product line is by women, for women. The brand strives to make women feel comfortable and confident, allowing females to express themselves through the game. Kinona operates a successful online shop, selling everything from jackets and vests to dresses and accessories. 

This brand is active on social media and leans on its community to spread positive feedback, which is why it invested in customer loyalty programs. KINONA created its VIP and Rewards Program to encourage higher customer retention. Those in the VIP program are referred to as the “Queens of the Game.” Members enter into this loyalty tier after earning 800 points. 

Some perks include exclusive gifts, early access to new collections, and special discounts. 

Customers join the KINONA rewards program to get to that level, automatically earning points with every purchase. One dollar spent equals 1 point.

They can also earn additional points by:

  • Signing up for the KINONA email list — 5 points
  • Following the brand on Instagram or Facebook — 5 points 
  • Sharing a post on social media using the hashtag #mykinonastyle — 10 points 
  • Leaving a review on a product — 10 points 

Once a reward member, an individual who refers a friend that makes a purchase also earns a $10 store credit. 

Here’s how to join

5. Shot Scope

Shot Scope is a GPS watch, but not just any GPS watch. This watch automatically collects personalized course data while someone plays the game. This data can help the player make more informed decisions. The brand has created a whole community around its products, encouraging those who use its watches and lasers to share their experiences using #shotscope. 

The Shot Scope brand ambassador marketing program allows consumers to become golf affiliates. Once accepted, ambassadors earn commissions and points. The idea behind this program is to bring golfers together to tell their stories.

The brand is looking for ambassadors who are:

  • Like-minded and willing to share engaging content with their friends and followers
  • Passionate about Shot Scope products and enhancing their game
  • Active on social media with a high presence, such as influencers or coaches

This program is open to anyone who wants to share their love of the game!

If accepted, ambassadors must:

  • Share Shot Scope content, promoting the brand and its products 
  • Create sales, which earns them commission via a personalized referral link

The perks of getting involved include:

  • 8-15% commission 
  • 30-day referral period 
  • The opportunity to earn points for sharing content
  • Free golf content, ebooks, etc. 
  • Being able to become a top ambassador, resulting in gifts, products, and discounts

To apply, scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the form

6. GlobalGolf

GlobalGolf has one core goal — to help customers enjoy the game of golf. Offering new and used clubs, apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories from the top brands — including FootJoy and TaylorMade — GlobalGolf is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce sites in the golf industry. The company also offers the option to trade in equipment for store credit. This trade-in program is the basis for the company’s reward program

GlobalGolf makes it easy for customers to save as they earn: 

  • 1 point per every dollar of the trade-in value
  • 3 points for every dollar spent online 
  • 100 points for enrolling in the loyalty program
  • 200 points for completing a USelect™ recommendation
  • 100 points for creating a profile 
  • 50 points each time they update a profile, update a bag, or review a purchase 

Members also gain special access to exclusive sales and offers. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page to enroll for free. 

Invest in Customer Loyalty Programs for Your Brand

The above brands are just six examples of successful customer loyalty programs. As you can see, each brand takes its own approach. However, the goal remains the same — drive sales and build a loyal community.

These case studies show how effective this strategy can be when implemented correctly. 

When you create a community of customers and active members, encouraging those who support your brand, they will help you grow. This is the power of word-of-mouth marketing

Invest in a platform that makes this transition and the ongoing process seamless. When you’re ready to create a winning customer loyalty program, BrandChamp can help. Our all-in-one brand ambassador management software will help you increase brand awareness and boost conversion rates. 

Launch a customer loyalty program or upgrade your current program with BrandChamp. Get started by contacting our team today!