Hiring the right employees is vital for the success of any company and that is no different when it comes to hiring brand ambassadors. Increased brand recognition and sales are among some of the things that are to be expected when a company invests in his brand ambassadors.

One of the first steps when starting an ambassador program is finding those to fill the role of brand ambassador.

Whether you’re a brand looking to start a new brand ambassador program or you’re a person looking for a job within one, what are some of the questions you can expect? What are the important things to ask to make sure you’re getting the right fit?

Types of Tasks for Brand Ambassadors

If you’re looking for a brand ambassador job, you should know what kind of tasks you may be expected to perform. If you’re looking to hire brand ambassadors, the number one thing to consider is what exactly will the person filling this position be doing.

When it comes to the hiring process, it can be quite complicated because a brand ambassador can wear many hats, often more than one at a time.

Ambassadors can do multiple or even all of the below tasks while serving in their roles:

  • Social media promotion
  • Content creation
  • Product demonstration
  • Community interaction
  • Giveaways
  • Networking events
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • Guerrilla marketing campaigns
  • Distributing products

For a job that has so many different prospective roles, how does one prepare for the hiring process whether you’re choosing for your program or interviewing for a position?

Selecting Good Brand Ambassador Interview Questions

So now you’re at the part of hiring where an interview is necessary. If you’re a brand, you’ll have to choose between candidates that will focus on building a community that will communicate the goals of your brand.

What are the questions to ask an ambassador to assure that you’re receiving those who are the best fit for your program? If you’re a candidate, what are some things you’ll be expected to discuss?

What is their background?

This is obviously standard across most brand ambassador interview processes. Almost any type of employment will ask about your background, education, working history, and skills.

Often times candidates for brand ambassadors will come from marketing, advertising, or social media backgrounds. They could also be passionate about the brand, frequent customers, or have previously worked in the industry that the company does business in. These can all be strengths for the many potential roles of the position.

However, brand ambassadors do come from a variety of backgrounds, as these positions can often be a jumping point for professional connections or prospective careers. Education and prior work experience can be an advantage, but shouldn’t necessarily exclude the right candidate for the position.

If you want to check out an application for reference on background questions for a brand ambassador interview, check out an online form from Tropical Bros, an apparel company that hires student ambassadors.

What kind of brand ambassador work are they looking to do?

Understanding what the goals of the potential ambassador is extremely important because it can be an effective indicator to see whether someone is a good fit for the position.

If your program is looking to hire brand ambassadors exclusively to leverage their social media following, bug the candidate is not very social media savvy or is looking for other types of brand ambassador work, it may not be the right fit.

It is also important to understand the future goals of the ambassadors you’re interviewing. If they are hoping to use a position as a jumping-off point for a career in marketing, advertising, or something in the field that your company works in, there could be a possible symbiotic relationship on the horizon.

If there is an opportunity for the goals of the company and the goals of the individual to line up, that should not be passed over.

How do they navigate and use social media?

It’s worth mentioning that not all brand ambassador positions require social media savvy, but more often than not, those hiring (and paying) are looking for specific social media activity.

If you’re a brand that is looking to use social media to boost affiliate sales, finding ambassadors that are active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit can be an effective tool for your efforts.

That doesn’t just mean asking “so how many Instagram followers do you have?”, but rather finding out how they engage with others on that platform.

Discovering how they would create and share content as well as leverage their presence to the brand’s advantage can be of importance when looking for candidates who stand out.

Check out Brooklyn Brands’ application for an example of some social media focused interview examples. This is a great example of a brand ambassador interview template

Do they believe in the brand and embody its essence?

Figuring out whether they fit with the brand and can be trusted is likely the most important thing to evaluate when interviewing for a brand ambassador program.

These ambassadors will be an extension of your brand and mission. Just as their involvement with the company will reflect on them, their work and presence will reflect on you. Hiring people the company can trust to embody its values and ideals is important to the image as a whole.

Authenticity matters and if a candidate is passionate about the brand, their work has meaning. When their work has meaning, the results are more effective.

Importance of Hiring the Right Brand Ambassadors

Finding the right people to serve in your brand ambassador program can a daunting task to navigate through, just as finding a job as an ambassador is. Nonetheless, the success of a program like this counts on the effectiveness of those doing the job.

If you work for a brand that is looking to find ambassadors, BrandChamp can help you process new applicants and automate time-consuming day to day operations, which eases the process of running a brand ambassador program.

Feel free to reach out and talk with us today to see how we can help!