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Pela Manages all their influencers, ambassadors, and student ambassadors via BrandChamp

Learn how Pela used BrandChamp to transformed their influencer program to a multi-tiered program with customers and fans.


Pela Case, creators of the first-ever compostable phone case, is a company with an eco-friendly brand. It was founded in 2010 by Jeremy Lang to create day-to-day products designed for a waste-free future. This goal has brought thousands of students and professors to the Pela Case community as customers and influencers.

With the help of this passionate group of like-minded individuals, Pela Case saw the need to spread awareness and reach out to the world. Over time, customer service has continued to receive fans eager to help promote the brand and its products and spread the mission of reducing everyday waste.

The Challenge

Pela Case’s approach to managing influencers was through the use of spreadsheets, Google Drive, manual tracking, and emailing individual influencers. However, with 100 influencers being manually tracked by one person, there wasn’t enough bandwidth to use this management process to handle passionate fans and customers. Pela Case knew they required a more comprehensive tool to help scale their growing community of ambassadors, especially one that would fit their criteria:

  1. Schedule activities and send email updates
  2. Track social media use from one place
  3. Referral link tracking and automated commissions

How BrandChamp Helped

After a period of unsuccessful searching, Pela Case came across BrandChamp, which offered a platform that tracked referral sales and loyalty points and provided features for community engagement, customizable activities, and automated communications. Moreover, Pela Case was able to manage its influencer and ambassador programs on one platform, sending email updates, creating weekly activities, and improving engagements.

Through BrandChamp, Pela Chase has saved hundreds of hours previously wasted on manually managing their programs. The platform can approve Pela Chase’s applicants into their program with just one click and segment them into four different groups, where they can be monitored and mobilized accordingly:

  1. Pela Ambassadors
  2. Campus Crew
  3. Sustainable Students
  4. Influencer


BrandChamp has simplified Pela Case’s operations and made it possible to scale the ambassador program from 400 participants to over 1,600 in a few months. The marketing team at Pela Case has also benefited from BrandChamp’s activity builder, which allows them to plan out their marketing campaigns and product launches in advance.

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