Did you know that 43% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product after learning about it on social media? That’s right, and these statistics show how valuable ambassadors and influencers are when it comes to promoting your brand.

Keep reading to get inspired.

1. Lenny and Larry’s

Lenny and Larry’s is a unique supplement company selling high protein treats — and they’ve got a unique ambassador program to match.

Rather than signing up and getting a standard commission for each sale they refer, ambassadors have the chance to advance through the ranks and earn larger bonuses.

Anyone who generates $500+ in sales receives a free swag kit and a discount code — rewarding them whilst also increasing their loyalty to the brand. VIP Ambassadors get a larger commission and more freebies, and the top level All-Star Brand Ambassadors get all that plus five free boxes of cookies each month.

This is a great motivator for ambassadors to keep improving their performance, rather than staying at the same level.

2. Bulk Nutrients

Bulk Nutrients are serious about their ambassador program. As they put it, ‘Bulk Nutrients Ambassadors aren’t people who just look good standing next to one of our products.’

Instead, they’re looking for ambassadors with a strong knowledge of their products and a real passion for the fitness industry. Unlike brands who allow anyone to sign up to their programs, Bulk Nutrients ask applicants to fill in a detailed questionnaire. This includes details on their sporting achievements, social media stats, and knowledge of Bulk Nutrients.

If you want to cherry pick ambassadors who fully embody the values of your brand, this is a great program to take inspiration from.

3. GAT Sport

GAT Sport runs an ambassador program which is simple but effective — there are no complex levels or reward systems, and ambassadors are told exactly what to do.

They provide clear requirements, including the number of food posts, workout photos, competitions, videos, and shout-outs ambassadors should share each week. In return, ambassadors get free and discounted products.

Without solid guidelines, you might find that your ambassadors don’t post as much as you need them to, or aren’t clear on what they should be sharing.

Want consistent results from your program? Make sure you tell your ambassadors exactly what to do.

4. Myprotein

Myprotein know that targeting customers early in their careers is a great way to turn them into lifelong customers — that’s why they run a college brand ambassador program.

Members must be currently studying, involved in sports, and active on social media. They’re required to promote the brand both online and offline, by wearing Myprotein clothes, organizing events on-campus, posting on social media, and sharing discount codes.

Are you aiming to target young customers with your ambassador marketing? Starting a student program is a smart move.

5. 5 Star Nutrition

5 Star Nutrition attract a varied group of ambassadors by selling their program as a way to ‘earn in your free time.’

Unlike other ambassador programs, they provide members with ‘ambassador cards’ to distribute — the more cards given out, the greater the rewards given out. On top of that, they ask ambassadors to promote specific stores and sales on social media. Techniques like this are a great way to boost profits for a specific branch of your business.

Want ambassadors who work well in-person as well as online? Starting an ambassador card scheme makes sense.

Supplement brands are the top dogs when it comes to ambassador and influencer marketing, so be sure to take inspiration from the great programs above. Want to start winning big yourself? Join an ambassador marketing platform today.

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