There are 3 things that will never change. Death, taxes, and college students needing more sources of income. Ambassador programs can give students studying at universities the opportunity to not only make a little extra money but also give themselves professional exposure by teaming up with well-established brands such as Red Bull, Starbucks, Chipotle, etc.

Whether it be simple social media marketing, event planning, word of mouth marketing, or just being a walking advertisement, the college-aged demographic can serve as an effective use of branding and sale conversion for any company, small or large.  Hiring a campus brand ambassador can be an efficient way for a company to gain access to the university demographic, which is not only large in geographic size but also has a constant influx of new consumers, many of which do not yet have set buying habits for their everyday life.

What is a College Brand Ambassador?

As a student brand ambassador (also known as a campus rep), you are a representative of a brand or company with an area to market, and that area happens to be your own college campus. Not only the geographic campus, but the demographics within, including students, professors, faculty, etc Your job is simple, to market the brand or product to this group through events, merchandise, branding, and incentivized programs.

The various companies offering these programs might have their ambassadors run booths at fairs or events around campus, have a presence at sporting events or greek life parties, post on social media, and oftentimes work with the company to create ideas that will drive their presence and sales on campus.

The ambassador may also be asked to provide feedback on some of the products or services that the brand offers. In short, brand ambassadors will serve as the “face” of the brand they represent and a useful tool for any company marketing to the college-aged demographic and beyond.

What are the Benefits?

Benefits for the Brands

For the brand itself, the benefits are branding and exposure. By hiring students to be ambassadors, a company is creating a direct link to college markets. The U.S. Department of Education lists more than 4,000 academic institutions that grant degrees, creating a staggering number of new markets, both large and small, available for their companies to promote within.

Another factor in a company’s decisions to hire brand ambassadors at the university level may be the accessibility to employers. According to a study, 70%-80% of college students are actively working while enrolled in classes. This creates a substantial market for brands to find eager students looking for part-time employment. Companies are able to distribute their products and have a presence at events far from the reach of their full-time employees.

Benefits for the College Ambassadors

Well, compensation… right? There are a few benefits to taking a position as a college ambassador for a company and compensation is certainly one of them. While some programs offer merchandise and product purchasing perks, many programs pay hourly, others pay commission based (merchandise circulated, leads generated) and in some cases, they can even pay a salary. According to Indeed, the average compensation for a student brand ambassador is about $10.50 an hour. That pay is similar to many retail or university jobs that are often offered for students and can be a helpful extra income to anyone taking a full class load.

Another positive for these sorts of positions is professional growth and exposure. Not only can one gain business-related skills that can be applied later in your professional life, but they will gain familiarity with the top U.S. and even internationally based companies and brands. Forming these relationships can be extremely beneficial (as well as a resume boost) when it comes time to join the workforce.

Lastly, time management is a key aspect of any college student’s life, whether it be done well or poorly. Taking a job as a college brand ambassador or campus rep often gives one the flexibility that traditional jobs would not. A majority of these positions will be remotely based, so most of the tasks will rely on your ability to achieve goals and perform them either on your own or with a small team of other reps on your campus. If done correctly, these types of jobs can coincide effectively with a student’s full-time class schedule.

College Ambassador Programs



Apple is a hugely successful American-based technology company, widely known for producing items such as the iPhone, iMac and MacBook, iPad, and more. Apple thrives on repeat customers, releasing new versions of their products nearly every year, causing many of its customers to update to a new Apple product annually.

Apple’s Ambassador Strategy

Apple often uses its brand ambassadors in line with its own marketing strategy, which is the use of product demonstration, or education on their products. Because the company relies on repeat customers, having qualified representatives in reach of their college demographic is vitally important to providing the service that each Apple customer is meant to experience.

Job Responsibilities

  • Event Planning
  • Product Demos
  • Connecting with Student Groups
  • Drive Apple Initiatives
  • Foster Campus Relationships

How to Apply

If you’re an active student at a participating institution, you can learn more information and apply here

Amazon Prime


Amazon is an American technology company that specializes in e-commerce and mass-scale production. From its origin as an online marketplace for retail books, Amazon has grown into one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world, also serving as one of America’s largest private employers. According to Forbes, Jeff Bezos, their founder, is currently listed as one of the richest people in the world.

Amazon’s Ambassador Strategy

Amazon Prime has a popular student discount that allows special membership pricing for students. The campus ambassadors for Amazon serve as a marketing tool to receive increased membership in their student program. They station their ambassadors at campus events to distribute Amazon merchandize as well as demonstration activities to showcase the benefits of the Prime program.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create Prime student content for social media channels
  • Attend on-campus events to showcase the Prime Program
  • Attend weekly calls and sessions with Amazon Employees
  • Report activity with event plans, meeting notes, and social media activity

How to Apply

You must be a full-time college student that maintains a 3.0 GPA or higher and willing to commit 6-8 hours a week per semester to be considered. Apply here.

Red Bull


Red Bull is a wildly popular energy drink distributed by an Austrian company, Red Bull GmbH. Red Bull is the leading energy drink consumed in the United States, achieving over $4.5 billion in sales in 2018. With its distinct logo and brand, Red Bull is known for sponsoring athletes as well as participating in numerous major global sporting events.

Red Bull’s Ambassador Program

Red Bull has one of the more recognized brand ambassador programs, due to its iconic Mini-Coopers driving around with the giant Red Bull can on top, handing out free drinks to caffeine crazed students all over college campuses. Red Bull strongly utilizes guerrilla marketing tactics to target its audience, as it has a younger demographic that is not easily reached from traditional marketing. Because of this, Red Bull ambassadors have a large social media presence for their campaigns, heavily using mediums like Instagram and Twitter.

Job Responsibilities

  • Help establish Red Bull consumption in diverse situations
  • Support sales teams
  • Distribute product for trials
  • Represent brands at various events

How to Apply

If you’re interested in joining almost 4,000 other student marketeers for Red Bull, more information can be found here.

CP Custom Prints


CP Custom Prints is an American company based in California that sells custom designable gear, such as T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc in their online store. Their market is primarily based on college students.

CP Custom Prints Student Ambassador Strategy

CP Custom Prints relies on their ambassadors heavily, as their market demographic is students studying at a university. The students work on a commission base, so it is up to the ambassadors to attempt to sell the companies products and services to their peers, focusing on student groups, greek life, etc. Basically, their target is groups that will order in mass, but also be repeat customers for various special occasions and the student ambassadors will become the point of contact for these transactions.

Job Responsibilities

  • Serve as the point of contact for orders from your university
  • Earn commission from orders you oversee
  • Market at campus events to student groups, greek life, etc.

How to Apply

To become a student ambassador, you can apply through the site.



Coca-Cola is a beverage company that carries one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Aside from its signature beverage, Coca-Cola’s portfolio includes other well-known brands such as Minute Maid, Smartwater, Vitaminwater, and more. With such a vibrant global brand, Coca-Cola thrives on traditional marketing and is known for some of the most recognizable TV commercials of all time, including this iconicpiece.

Coca Cola Ambassador Strategy

With Coca-Cola having such an extensive product list, the goal with the ambassador program is to gain access to consumers at an age where their consumption habits are not set, then exposing them to products made by Coca-Cola. Offering a 3-day training session, the ambassadors will gain the tools they need to set up events on campus as well as be active on social media to promote the brand.

Job Responsibilities

  • Build brand awareness
  • Create social media content for your campus
  • Increase sales of Coca-Cola products
  • Establish and run events with product giveaways and incentives
  • Learn the logistics of ordering and distributing products

How to Apply

If you might be interested in learning more about becoming a student ambassador for Coca-Cola, you can find more information and apply through their student zone.

Is Becoming a Brand Ambassador Right for You?

Are you currently a student studying marketing, communication, or a related field? Are you looking to work with a recognized brand name to boost your resume? Do you need extra income? If any or all of these apply to you, applying to a campus ambassador job could be a good fit.

These positions are not only flexible with a full-time class schedule but bode well for making professional connections for a future in a diverse workplace. With internationally recognized names such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Apple, and more, these programs have positions in many different sized campuses all across the country, allowing students to hone necessary skills outside of the classroom.

If you are a brand or company and are looking into running a college ambassador program, BrandChamp can help. If this might interest you, schedule a time to learn more.