Get Brand Ambassadors

How to Get Brand Ambassadors

Getting brand ambassadors is easier, cheaper, and more effective than collaborating with influencers when it comes to customer satisfaction and the number of sales over a longer period of time.

Ambassador Program Outline

Ambassador Program Outline

This outline is used by hundreds of e-commerce brands to generate 20% of total brand revenue from measurable referral sales their brand ambassadors generate. Learn how Skirt Sports converted 1,000

How to Become a Brand Ambassador

You have seen them already on Instagram. The girls, the boys, the dogs – everyone and anyone promoting something, protein powders, skinny teas, newest makeup product, gym supplements, clothing items,

brand ambassador program examples

Brand Ambassador Program Examples

We are in an e-commerce explosion, and when the average person spends almost two hours a day on social media, user-generated brand content is incredibly valuable. Millennials are the most

Best Fitness Ambassador Programs

Rokfit Fitness Apparel About Rokfit Rockfit is a fitness apparel brand for men and women with a mission to outfit the modern fitness revolution. Rokfit offers edge and bold designs

Lululemon Ambassadors

4 Key Benefits of Brand Ambassador Programs

Brand ambassador marketing is a powerful strategy to build a community of passionate customers to advocate for your brand, increase social media engagement and improve brand loyalty. In this post