We’ve recently enhanced some of our product features to make brand ambassador management even easier! Here are the latest highlights.

Email from Filtered Search

Save time on communicating with your ambassadors and easily share updates with targeted contacts. This new feature allows you to email selected members directly from search filters.

Here are a few examples of how you can use it:

  • Search and select all unregistered users and send them a follow-up reminder.
  • Search for individuals who haven’t completed an activity in the last 90 days and send them an email with suggestions.
  • Search for members who’ve made recent referral sales and send them an email with a special thanks.
Brand ambassador management - Product email - filtered email feature

Featured Content

Ready to inspire your brand ambassadors with awesome content from their peers? Now you can! We’ve added “Featured Content” to our basic and growth plans so all of our customers can benefit from this engagement-boosting feature.

Key Benefits of Featured Content:

  • Showcase top-performing content from your best brand ambassadors
  • Inspire ambassadors who are currently struggling to come up with ideas
  • Give recognition to community members who’ve gone above and beyond expectations
  • Create a stronger sense of community
  • Spark the competitive nature of your members, leading to greater engagement

Getting Started with Featured Content

If you’re already a BrandChamp customer, you’ll want to enable this option in the “Settings” area of your administrator portal. Click the “Community” tab and check the box under “Featured Content.”

Brand ambassador management - Community - Featured Content

Selecting Content You Want to Feature

You can choose what content you want to feature from your approved activities.

Brand ambassador management - Feature Content

Once you’ve pressed the “Feature” button on an activity, it will become visible to all of your brand ambassadors under the “Community” section of their portal.

Best Practices for Featuring Brand Ambassador Content

  • Choose posts that showcase your product or service in the best way possible.
  • Be inclusive. Feature posts from as many different ambassadors as you can.
  • Pick posts with high engagement relative to the ambassador’s follower count.
  • Share content from a variety of mediums – video, photo, text, etc. – to encourage a greater variety of submissions.

Edit Column Feature

We’ve made it easy for you to customize how you view members’ data . View your brand ambassadors’ demographics, total points, total referral sales, and more in a way that fits your needs with our new edit column feature.

Simply click on the “edit columns” button on the BrandChamps page (see screenshot below). You can hide columns you don’t need or move up the ones that you use more often for easier viewing.

For example, if you want ambassador engagement data to be more readily viewed, you could move the “Last portal activity” column or the “Points” column to the left.

BrandChamp's brand ambassador management platform

Advantages of Brand Ambassador Management Tools

Ambassador marketing is a popular way to reach new customers and create brand awareness. Nowadays, customers look to recommendations from their favorite influencers and friends on TikTok, YouTube, and other social media channels before buying. Businesses can leverage this new trend in the customer journey with brand ambassador campaigns.

One of the challenges many companies face with brand ambassador management is the number of manual activities involved. Here are some of the more time-consuming tasks:

  • Onboarding new brand ambassadors – sharing guidelines, welcome packets, and info about the brand
  • Communicating with them about new promotions – guiding their activities, providing feedback on their posts, and creating discount codes for them to share
  • Issuing rewards – reviewing completed activities, keeping track of points, sending out merchandise, paying commissions
  • Reminding them to complete activities and measuring their success

Marketing managers quickly realize that to be successful, they need a solution that can help with these tasks. Using BrandChamp’s all-in-one ambassador management platform, brands can stay organized, run campaigns more efficiently and keep program members engaged.

Brands like EHPlabs and Kaged Muscle have been able to increase monthly referral sales 5-fold with BrandChamp. By saving countless hours each month with our automated features, they’ve been able to spend more time focusing on relationships and community building.

Our platform offers several key features that automate repetitive tasks, boost community engagement and increase ROI.

Managing brand ambassador

BrandChamp Core Features

  • Campaign & Activity Management – Easily manage your marketing campaigns and create activities for your brand ambassadors to complete. Activities can be repeated weekly or monthly, to make your job easier and ensure maximum engagement.
  • Custom Rewards & Reward Management – Offer a variety of rewards such as gift cards, free merchandise, discounts, and event passes to keep member participation high. Build one or more rewards catalogs directly within the BrandChamp platform and link them to your ecommerce store. Reward payouts can be automated upon completion and approval of activities.
  • Referral Sales Tracking – Create unique discount codes in bulk for your brand ambassadors to share with their communities and easily monitor referral sales and individual performance.
  • Campaign & Activity Management – BrandChamp offers tagging features, enabling you to customize your programs. By segmenting your ambassadors, you can create unique experiences for each group based on their role. For example, professional athletes may have different activities and rewards than regular customers or employees participating in your program.

Brand Ambassador Marketing Best Practices

Brand ambassador marketing is as much about relationship building. As a result of focusing on relationships with customers and communities, business are able to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty and customer lifetime value. When setting up your own program, be sure to keep these things in mind:

  1. Invite your existing customers, employees and fans to become ambassadors for your brand
  2. Clearly define the goals of your program, and communicate those goals with your members
  3. Education and inspire your community with user-generated content
  4. Offer attractive rewards for brand ambassadors who complete activities and make referral sales
  5. Keep track of ambassador performance and referral sales from you campaigns
  6. Always be growing your program with new ambassadors, new activities, and new rewards

Not a BrandChamp Customer Yet?

Whether you’re just getting started with ambassador marketing or you’re looking for a way to improve your current process, we can help. We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions. Schedule a demo with us to learn more about our brand ambassador management solution.

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