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Automate referral links, discount codes, commissions and user generated content. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Referral Programs

Acquire more customers with less effort

Build custom referral marketing programs that use custom referral links and discount codes that are automatically converted into cash or point rewards for discounts on your store. 

Multi-Channel Tracking

Track both online and offline referral sales from ambassadors across all of your marketing channels.

Flexible Rewards Structure

Customize the rewards provided to ambassador for referral sales.

Referral Analytics

See real-time referral sales data from every ambassador.

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Referral Tracking

Smarter referral tracking across channels

Keep track of ambassador referrals sales with custom referral links, coupon codes and cookie tracking.
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Referral Links

Generate an unlimited number of branded referral tracking links for your ambassadors.

Coupon Codes

Track referral coupon codes across channels including social media, Amazon and your store.

Cookie Tracking

Reward ambassadors for referrals that covert a few days after clicking a referral link.

Vanity Links

Get branded vanity links for ambassadors to share.

Flexible Rewards​

Rewards that increase LTV & engagement

Build rewards that keep participants motivated and ensure referrals keep coming.

Personalized Rewards

Create rewards catalogs that are personalized for each ambassadors.


Rewards are issued in real-time to ambassadors to ensure a great customer experience.

Custom Rewards

Dream up custom rewards to motivate your ambassadors.

Referral Analytics

Understand the impact of each referral on sales growth

Keep track of referral sales on your store and 3rd party marketplaces with analytics on each referral.

Global Referral Sales

Track all of your referral sales across multiple currencies in a single dashboard.

Store vs Amazon

Real-time referral sales analytics from your store and Amazon Seller Central.

Individual Participants

Get insight into the contribution of individual participants.

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Create, track, measure and reward ambassador referrals all-in-one platform​

BrandChamp provides a complete ambassador platform to manage all of your referrals, giving you the ultimate solution to increase sales via social media, websites and 3rd party marketplaces like Amazon.

Brand Sizes

BrandChamp is used by companies of all sizes from small businesses to publicly traded companies and fast growing startups.

Fraud Detection

All referral sales are monitored against pre-configured rules to identify suspect and fraudulent referral sales.

Seamless Tracking

Integrate BrandChamp in less than 5 minutes and track ambassador referral sales on your store and Amazon.

Custom Tracking

Generate branded tracking links for ambassadors and let the create custom vanity links.

Intelligent Rewards

Create tiered rewards structures that combine cash payment and point rewards.

Advanced Analytics

Setup UTM tracking parameters to pull in detailed analytics on each ambassadors referrals into Google Analytics.

Get more referral sales & user generated content

Learn how BrandChamp’s advocate & ambassador marketing software can help grow your brand.

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