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User-Generated Content Programs

Increase engagement and get more website visitors

Build marketing campaigns that mobileize ambassadors to create and share user-generated content with your brand.

Product Reviews

Collect social proof and reviews from ambassadors on your website and 3rd party websites.

Flexible Rewards

Reward ambassadors for the content they create based on the value it creates for your brand.

Track Content & Posts

Ambassadors can submit social media posts and upload content for you to use in marketing campaigns.

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UGC Activities

Flexible activity builder for cross channel promotion

Create activities to get more product review and social media post featuring your brand.
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Plan & Launch Campaigns

Plan campaign that involve ambassadors and schedule them to automatically launch on a set day and time.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Activities

Configure how many times an activity can be completed and if it is available every day, week or month.

Add Resources & Tracking Links

Include resources and custom referral tracking links within any activity you create for ambassadors.

Segment Activities

Segment your ambassadors and give them targeted activities to complete.

UGC Rewards

Rewards that increase engagement & maximize LTV

Design reward catalogs that keep participants active while increasing average order value and lifetime value.

Point Rewards

Reward ambassadors with points when they create new content or share user-generated content.

Tiered Rewards

Issue different rewards depending on the ambassador and value of the content they create.

Minimum Purchase Rewards

Increase ambassador lifetime value by rewarding them with free products and rewards that require a purchase.

Track User-Generated Content

Keep track of user-generated content and monitor it's impact

Keep track of activities and see the user-generated content shared by participants on social media and reviews on 3rd party marketplaces.

Social Media Posts

See social media posts submitted by ambassadors in real time with details on shares, likes and comments.

Content for Marketing

Collect user-generated content to use on product pages, social proof and advertising campaigns.

User generated content posted social media point rewards ambassador activities

Create, track, measure and reward user-generated content all in one platform

BrandChamp provides a complete solution to run all of your marketing activities and user-generated content efforts with ambassadors on one platform, giving you a helpful solution to increase UGC, social media engagement and product reviews.

Brands of all sizes

Perfect for brands of all sizes from publicly traded companies to startups and small businesses.

Live Previews

Activity builder has a live preview so you can see exactly what ambassadors see when review activities on BrandChamp.

Track Engagement

See what activities are popular and identify what ambassadors are engaged and actively participating.

Advanced Activities

Create advanced activities that contain multiple tasks that need to completed to earn a reward.

Flexible Rewards

Give ambassadors a selection of rewards to choose from.

Collect UGC

Start collecting user-generated content from ambassadors to use in other marketing campaigns.

Get more referral sales & user generated content

Learn how BrandChamp’s advocate & ambassador marketing software can help grow your brand.

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