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Flexible Rewards Programs

Increase purchase frequency and average order value

Build loyalty rewards programs for ambassadors and customers that increase revenue.

Build A Rewards Catalog

Create a rewards catalog for your ambassadors to exchange the points they earn for free products, discounts, gift cards and custom rewards.

Flexible Rewards Structure

Configure personalized rewards catalogs to provide incentives for different types of ambassadors.

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Points & Cash Rewards

Issue points when participants completing activities

Give ambassadors points for completing activities and let them pick from a catalog of rewards on your online store.
Ambassador product reward watch

Set Point Values

Set a value for points that can be used for commissions on referral sales and activity completed for point rewards.

Store Integration

Integrates directly with popular ecommerce stores including Shopify, Shopify Plus and WooCommerce.

Real-Time Rewards

Automatically issue rewards from your catalog so ambassadors are not left waiting.​

Rewards Analytics

Keep track of the rewards you issue

Analytics to track every reward issued and see the rewards claimed by every ambassador.

Inventory Integration

Intelligent inventory integration ensures you never issue a reward that isn't in stock.

Track Every Reward

Browse a detailed history of every reward issued to ambassadors.

Ambassador user generated content tracking rewards earned

Design, automate and track loyalty rewards all in one platform

BrandChamp provides an all-in-one platform to reward your ambassadors with cash, point and store rewards.

Size of Brands

BrandChamp is perfect for brands of all sizes from publicly traded companies, funded startups to small businesses.

Rewards Catalog

Setup a rewards catalog to let ambassadors pick the rewards they want.

Store Integration

Direct integration with Shopify, Shopify Plus and WooCommerce to provide a seamless, turnkey solution for issuing rewards.

Advanced Rules

Design rewards with advanced rules such as minimum purchases, restrict eligible products, etc..

Increase AOV

Ambassadors who are earning and claiming rewards have a higher average order value than regular customers.

Improve Lifetime Value

Rewarding ambassadors for their relationship with your brand increase lifetime value by 2.5X+.

Get more referral sales & user generated content

Learn how BrandChamp’s advocate & ambassador marketing software can help grow your brand.

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