Remember when we were limited to flavored coffees, juices and energy drinks, all packed with sugar, for a midday pick-me-up? Those days are behind us, and wellness beverages are having a moment. Consumers are ditching artificial ingredients in favor of adaptogens and nootropics. They’re looking for natural components like ashwagandha and milk thistle while nixing inflammatory, processed foods. Modern customers are more health-aware than ever before — and brands are listening. 

In fact, the current boom in wellness beverages provides us with a huge array of options to pick from. With so many competitors, how do companies make their products shine? With existing customers, of course! Brands are designing customer loyalty programs that enhance the experience of buying their wellness drinks. Did you turn your gym pal on to your favorite electrolyte-packed drink? You deserve a reward. Smart brands know that people love making recommendations related to health and wellness and are taking steps to be a part of that conversation. We did some research and put together a new roundup of popular and interesting programs worth checking out. (Check out last year’s roundup here!)

OLIPOP: Wellness Beverage Affiliate Program

Source: OLIPOP

Backed by a team of gut microbiome research pioneers, OLIPOP crafts delicious and healthy tonics. Their team of experts applies research findings to their formulas, resulting in gut-friendly, low-sugar sodas. 

You probably don’t expect flavors like “Banana Cream” or “Cherry Vanilla” to be healthy, but a glance at the ingredients list might surprise you. The OLISMART blend of Cassava Root Fiber, Chicory Root Inulin Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin, Nopal Cactus, Marshmallow Root, Calendula Flower and Kudzu Root imbues these drinkings with a whopping 9 grams of fiber and very little sugar (2 – 5 grams) compared to traditional sodas. 

OLIPOP’s affiliate program is aimed at content creators, influencers and everyday customers with established communities, either online or offline. Program highlights include:

  • 10% base payout (up to 20%) for affiliate sales
  • Regular promotions and coupon codes
  • Product samples available for select partners

Are you a fan of wellness beverages and gut health? Join the OLIPOP Affiliate Program.

hiyo: Inner Circle

Source: hiyo

While abstinence from drinking isn’t the norm for the majority of Americans, Gen Z embraces moderation more than previous generations. With this in mind, hiyo does a fantastic job catering to health-conscious Zoomers with its craveable selection of nonalcoholic, mood-boosting drinks.

Customers can choose from four tasty, low-calorie flavors: peach mango, watermelon lime, blackberry lemon, and — new in 2024 — strawberry guava. A combination of natural nootropics, organic adaptogens, and functional botanicals creates an effect that hiyo calls “the float,” an alcohol-free sensation that relieves stress and improves mood. Specifically, organic cordyceps mushroom extract, lion’s mane mushrooms, turmeric and ginger are some of the key ingredients that make up hiyo’s tasty wellness beverages.

The hiyo inner circle is a customer loyalty program based on points, rewarding members for completing specific tasks like:

  • Posting photo or video reviews
  • Liking their official page on Facebook
  • And even free points on your birthday! 

Points can be redeemed for product discounts. Members can also invite friends to join hiyo’s inner circle in exchange for discounts. 

NOOMA: Sweat Squad

Source: NOOMA

When you find out what NOOMA’s name stands for, you’ll immediately understand what the sports drink brand is all about: “No More Artificials”. Founded by Brandon and Jarred Smith, professional hockey player brothers, NOOMA empowers people to be their healthiest selves. With their athletic background, the “NOOMA Bros” identified three health-oriented product pillars for their sports drinks:

  • Zero artificial ingredientes
  • Highly functional
  • Zero added sugars

Products range from energy drinks with “clean caffeine” from green coffee bean extract to wellness sodas with inflammation-reducing ingredients like tart cherry extract. NOOMA’s electrolyte powders rapidly increase hydration and fight cramps and fatigue with a powerful combination of coconut water powder and Himalayan sea salt.

NOOMA offers a customer loyalty program that also acts like its own little community — The Sweat Squad. The Sweat Squad‘s website states, “The Sweat Squad Ambassador Program exists to give the biggest and most enthusiastic NOOMA fans across the country an opportunity to earn rewards like exclusive discounts on drinks, swag, and more for spreading the NOOMA love with friends both online and IRL. We consider this group of incredible fitness and wellness enthusiasts an extension of our company and are a huge part of what makes NOOMA special.”

The Sweat Squad application includes questions about your fitness activities of choice, what you like about NOOMA, and links to your online presence.

Moment: Ambassador Program

Source: Moment

Moment, a woman and minority-founded brand, offers consumers clarity and stress relief in the form of tasty wellness beverages. Their still and sparkling botanical waters are crafted with natural ingredients like l-theanine and lion’s mane. Cacao powder blends, a new product line for Moment, are sugar-free and packed with wellness-boosters. We love their clever tagline — ‘Drink Your Meditation’.

Moment invites affiliates, bloggers, creators, social influencers, and customers to apply to their ambassador program. They take a look at your online presence, with a focus on Instagram and TikTok, when considering your application. Perks of being a Moment brand ambassador include:

  • 12% commission on referral sales
  • Free merchandise
  • Gift box on first set of sales
  • Sneak peeks of upcoming products and collaborations

If you’d like to make the world a more chill place while sipping on flavors like lychee mint, plum ginseng and spiced mango, join the Moment Ambassador Program.

Health is Wealth

Just like the wellness drinks mentioned above, well-crafted customer loyalty programs are bursting with benefits. They foster community, drive sales, build brand trust and boost engagement.

Managing these ambassador programs sounds like work for a whole team, but it can be really simple when you’re able to automate rewards and communicate with ambassadors at the click of a button. Find a suite of program management tools and time-saving features with BrandChamp’s streamlined software! Reach out to us for a demo today.