As Joseph Addison, an English poet, said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” — and anyone who loves to read would agree. 

Most people who pick up books are lifelong readers, but they read for many reasons. According to research, 26% of readers complete a book to learn, gain knowledge and discover information. An additional 15% enjoy escaping reality, 12% like the entertainment value of a story, and another 12% say they read because it is relaxing. 

Whether you own an online bookstore, a publishing company, or any other business that involves books, it’s essential to be strategic with your marketing efforts. And, if you’re a book lover, you’ll be thrilled to know there are companies out there that will reward you for your passion!

Keep reading to discover some excellent loyalty programs that cater to bookworms of all kinds.

What Is an Ambassador Program, and How Does It Relate to Book Lovers?

An ambassador program is a specific type of marketing campaign. This strategy can help you achieve many business goals ranging from higher sales to greater brand recognition. 

By partnering with those who love and support your brand, you can build a relationship with your greatest advocates who will then speak on your behalf. When these ambassadors promote your products or services to friends, family, and others in their network, you increase conversion rates without significantly chewing into your bottom line. 

For example, if you own an online subscription book company, you’ll want to align with ambassadors who share your values. They’ll be excited about what you’re doing and share it with those they know both in-person and online.

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Your relationship with ambassadors fuels positive word-of-mouth, which will help support your ongoing business goals. After all, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising. Beyond friends and family, 88% of consumers trust reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust the word of personal contacts.

As competition continues to become even more fierce, especially online, it’s tough to ignore such a valuable strategy. It’s especially profitable when brands partner with brand ambassador management platforms that help improve key metrics significantly. 

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Goodreads Community Ambassador Program 

Founded in 2006, Goodreads is the ultimate community for book lovers. Helping avid readers find and read more books they love and keep track of the books they want to read, Goodreads has created a dedicated community. Those who have been a part of the Goodreads community for quite some time or have read a significant number of books can become an ambassador.

The goal of the Goodreads Community Ambassador program is to attract knowledgeable and active members who have a positive influence on others. These individuals must be leaders within the Goodreads Help community. Additional criteria include:

  • Having at least 50 shelvings on their account 
  • Display solid knowledge of the features of Goodreads
  • The ability to provide constructive feedback and treat others with respect 
  • Be an encouraging individual 

Those who are accepted will receive benefits including:

  • Opportunities to receive books 
  • Test new features 
  • Have direct communication with Goodreads staff 
  • Participate in early launch announcements 

Here is the application

The Book Drop Ambassador Program 

Water and earth book

The Book Drop has taken a unique approach, creating a surprise monthly book subscription from an independent bookstore. Whether customers sign-up for themselves or give the gift of a good book to someone else, this company brings an independent bookstore to your home. The Book Drop was covered on several major media outlets and received the “Readers Choice 2021 – My Subscription Addiction” award.

Books are selected across a handful of genres, hand-wrapped, and sent out by Bethany Beach Books — Bethany Beach’s only independent bookstore. The Book Drop Ambassador program focuses on Instagram, accepting new applications with the changing seasons. 

To be accepted, applicants must have an active presence on Instagram that aligns with the brand’s values, such as open-mindedness and a love of reading. There are several other requirements, including:

  • All photos must include something related to the Book Drop logo
  • Posts must be public and include the appropriate hashtags. Tags must also be used (e.g., #TheBookDrop)
  • Posts must be exclusive to Book Drop and be original content 

Perks include:

  • One free Book Drop subscription every month 
  • Paid referral program based on the ambassador’s unique referral code
  • Featured content on the brand’s social media and website 

There are some terms and conditions, such as agreeing to participate for four months. Applicants must also live in the United States.

Here is the application.

Simon & Schuster Ambassador Program 

When it comes to publishing, few names are as big as Simon & Schuster. Founded in 1924, this company publishes 2,000 titles a year, including some of the nation’s best sellers. This brand developed a fun ambassador program for book club leaders. After all, these individuals are the ones that continue to inspire and encourage book lovers — whether they’re club book veterans or new to the book club crew. 

The Simon & Schuster ambassador program is called “Book Club Favorites Friends” and targets engaged book club leaders. These individuals receive advanced copies of upcoming titles, and in return, the company asks for their valuable feedback. These leaders also received:

  • Discounts 
  • Sweepstakes
  • Swag 

To become an ambassador, these leaders must:

  • Run at least one club (or participate in at least two clubs)
  • The club(s) they belong to must have five or more members 
  • Live in the United States 
  • Be 18 years and older 

Once accepted, the brand asks that ambassadors share their groups’ specific interests. Whether members gravitate towards romance books or Own Voice Authors, they will tailor books to meet the needs of their ambassadors’ members. 

Bryson’s Books 

White bookshelf

Bryson’s Books is a much more selective niche. Bryson Reaume creates fun books for kids, focusing on positive, socially conscious messages. Featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, and many other media channels, Bryson’s Book is a small company with a big presence. That’s because Bryson’s Books gives back 25% of its profits to organizations making real change in the United States. 

Bryson’s Books Brand Ambassador Program aims to create a network of teachers, book-lovers, parents, and reviewers. That is the main goal behind the company’s program. Ambassadors must:

  • Be active across several social media communities 
  • Have knowledge about education, children’s books, and interactive play
  • Love their books!

The requirements?

  • Posting at least one image that tags the company each month
  • Social interaction on the ambassador’s accounts in the form of shares, comments, and likes
  • Links to shopping pages or the brand’s website 
  • A term of six months 

The perks of participating?

  • Free copies of all Bryson’s Books hardcover books (approximately $114 value)
  • 40% off all products ordered from Etsy or their website 
  • Sharing posts on social media and reciprocal social media support 
  • Gaining experience as an ambassador 

To apply, applications must be sent to and include:

  • 5-10 sample images from Instagram, as well as social media handles for Facebook 
  • A brief essay (300 words max) on why the applicant wants to participate 
  • Answer the questions outlined here, such as where do you normally buy books, and do you have a favorite charity?

Page 1 

Page 1 is a book subscription program that sends books based on each participant’s personal preferences. This subscription will include a combination of paperback and hardcover books for three, six, or twelve months. Based on the answers you provide to various questions, books are hand-picked and wrapped each month. They also offer a range of gifts and products that appeal to their community of book lovers. 

Page 1 opens its application process to new prospective brand ambassadors with each passing season. New ambassadors are chosen every 90 days. Accepted applicants will also receive a personalized three-month Page 1 subscription in exchange for being an ambassador. If they want to continue participating at the end of an ambassador’s term, they’ll have the opportunity to do so. 

The company is looking for:

  • Diversity! Page 1 wants to align with people from all backgrounds who believe in the power of diversity 
  • Someone who understands the brand’s business model and can articulate what Page 1 represents is welcome to apply 
  • Someone who has a deep love for books

Page 1 asks that all brand ambassadors review the subscription each month on their social media channels, vlogs, blogs, and websites. 

Some of the requirements include:

  • At least one post per week, mentioning @pageonebooks 
  • A custom link in the ambassador’s bio 

To apply, applicants must email hello@page1books, answering the questions outlined on the company’s brand ambassador page

Launch a Brand Ambassador Program for Your Brand

Brand ambassador marketing is unique, fun, and it works! The key is to implement a well-organized program that focuses on targeted strategies. 

As we say at BrandChamp, thriving brands are built with ambassadors. That’s why we developed an all-in-one ambassador management software platform. Everything is managed in one place, from content creation to referral sales, ensuring a greater ROI.

To launch a brand ambassador program for your brand, or upgrade an existing program, get in touch!