What comes to mind when you think of brand ambassadors? Is it a celebrity like Jennifer Aniston, promoting products for Aveeno and Vital Proteins on TV? Is it Lululemon’s savvy team of influencers showcasing their outfits on Instagram? Those are certainly some of the most visible examples out there today, but they aren’t representative of all brand ambassador programs.

We’re here to tell you brand ambassador programs are for everyone — not exclusive to the most famous or trendiest among us. In fact, there are brand ambassador programs for just about every niche community.

Keep reading to learn how brand ambassador programs work and what the best options are for the everyday, unsung heroes in our lives: parents!

What is a Brand Ambassador Program?

Let’s start with an overview. Brand ambassador programs are one kind of customer loyalty program. Essentially, a brand rewards its best customers for promoting the brand and its products. Depending on its goals, a brand can reward ambassadors in a number of ways. Options include cash, discounts, free products, gift cards, redeemable points, etc. In exchange, ambassadors share positive reviews, post about the brand on social media, share referral codes, and more.

There are many benefits of having a brand ambassador program, including:

  • Improved brand reputation
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • A more humanized brand
  • Expanded audience
  • Better customer engagement
  • Social proof
  • Increased traffic to your website and social media channels

Of course, there are other forms of customer loyalty programs. Affiliate and referral programs are popular. Hybrid programs are also on the rise. If you’re interested in what these various programs entail, click here.

Brand Ambassador Programs for Parents

Who deserves perks more than parents? When we researched this post, we were thrilled to find many brands out there that cater to mom and dad. Let’s dive into some of the best brand ambassador programs for parents:

Tuft & Needle

Bedding company Tuft & Needle invites all new parents to join its Night Cap Ambassador Program. The program assists parents in making necessary lifestyle changes for better rest. The only qualification is that you must be a tired parent!

Tuft & Needle Sleep Ambassadors receive:

  • Tuft & Needle mattress and accessories
  • Snooz sound machine
  • Subscription to the Calm app
  • Oura ring
  • Consultation with a sleep expert
  • Swag bag
  • One-year subscription to the Storybook app.
  • $500 babysitting stipend

In exchange for all those goodies, ambassadors are asked to do the following:

  • Post about their progress on social media
  • Share stats from their Oura ring that show sleep improvement
  • Put together videos about their experience

Along with its ambassador program, Tuft & Needle utilizes other relationship marketing tactics as well. Healthcare professionals, first responders, and members of the military all have their own discounts.


Tinybeans is a virtual parenting community and family photo storing and sharing app. It also provides a plethora of parenting resources like curated events, advice, activities, and products.

The company’s Hive Program consists of influencers, “mommy bloggers,” and TV personalities who have amassed large followings on social media. 

To qualify to become a Hive influencer, you must have a blog with 25,000 unique monthly views or a social media following of more than 5,000.

Benefits of being part of the Hive include:

  • Being featured in Tinybeans and Red Tricycle
  • Promotion of personal social channels and blogs
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Free tickets to VIP parties
  • Paid opportunities to work with the company’s brand partners on national campaigns

To apply, applicants submit their name, email, location, Instagram handle, and how many followers they have.

Wonderfold Wagons

Wonderwolf wagons

WonderFold sells award-winning all-in-one strollers built to carry multiple kiddos across all kinds of terrain. Wonderfold’s Legacy Rewards Program seeks out wagon-loving parents who want to help the company spread its mission to the world by showcasing the wagons’ benefits and functionality. There are three levels of membership perks:

  • Elite: 50 points commission per promo code, 1% per link, free welcome gift, birthday points, 10% personal discount.
  • Luxe: 100 points commission per promo code,2% per link, free welcome gift, early access to new releases, birthday points, and a 15% personal discount.
  • Expert: 150 points commission per promo code, 3% per link, free welcome gift, early access to new releases, birthday points, and a 15% personal discount.

To apply, parents must:

  • Be a current owner of a WonderFold stroller wagon and not be active in a competitor’s program
  • Follow WonderFold on Instagram and Facebook
  • Like and comment on three recent posts
  • Be active on social media with public accounts

The application asks for basic personal information, the model of your WonderFold wagon, whether your social media pages are public, and your usernames and follower counts. It also asks your primary reason for joining the program and how long you’ve had your WonderFold wagon.

Belly Bandit

Have you heard of Belly Bandit? The maternity and nursing shapewear brand has both an ambassador program and an affiliate program.

The ambassador program recruits moms who share the company’s mission — empowering women to look and feel at their best during and after pregnancy. Belly Bandit looks for bloggers, influencers, and other well-connected moms to rep their products. To quality as an ambassador, moms must have at least 25,000 Instagram followers.

The application asks for basic personal info, a link to the mom’s website or blog, and their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest handles and follower counts. Applicants are asked to detail whether or not they’ve used Belly Bandit products before, what drew them to the company, and how they plan to share the brand with their followers and mom community.

When it comes to Belly Bandit’s affiliate program, the brand partners with moms, bloggers, licensed professionals, doulas, and midwives for the affiliate program. Unlike the ambassador program, there is no requirement for lots of social media followers.

All that’s asked on the application aside from personal information are your social media handles and where you will display the links.  

Once an application is approved, the affiliate will have access to a special dashboard with instructions on the next steps. They will also receive a personal affiliate link to share with friends, family, clients, and anyone else they’re connected to. Affiliates make a 7% base commission off all purchases made by following their link.


LONE CONE is a children’s outfitter, making accessories like rain boots, mud boots, backpacks, and lunch boxes. The company’s ambassador program welcomes moms and dads who wholeheartedly support the brand and embody what LONE CONE is all about. To apply, head to the ambassador program webpage, fill out your name, email, social media handles, and why you want to be an ambassador.

LONE CONE ambassadors receive free product samples like lunch bags and backpacks. In exchange, they post the products on social media and share discount codes with their followers.


Majka provides nutritional support for postpartum moms.

By becoming Makja Ambassadors, breastfeeding moms boost their supply and earn some income. To participate, moms share their love of the company’s lactation support products on social media and their blogs. The brand ambassadors receive commission through the company’s affiliate network, and they also receive products, samples, and other swag and perks. 

To become a Majka brand ambassador, you must have a highly engaged audience and be open to sharing your postpartum life and journey. You can apply here. You’ll be asked your contact information, Instagram handles, website link, how you feel your brand aligns with Majka, brands you’ve worked with in the past, how you envision sharing and promoting Majka to your network, and details about your current audience.

Snoo Brand Ambassador Program

Snoo is the smart bassinet taking the parenting world by storm. The company touts the crib as the safest baby bed that adds hours to a baby’s sleep and calms fussy babies fast. The company’s brand ambassador program provides:

  • Generous commission rates — $50 for every SNOO rental shipped and a 4-6% commission rate.
  • Trackable promotional assets.
  • Deep linking.
  • In-depth tracking for campaign performance and optimization.
  • A dedicated affiliate manager.

Snoo looks for the following qualities in its brand ambassadors:

  • Content-focused influencers who strongly engage with expecting parents.
  • Passionate partners who are highly motivated to promote Snoo products and the brand.

Noodle & Boo Mama Ambassador Program

Noodle & boo

Luxury baby shampoo maker Noodle & Boo’s ambassador program is for moms who:

  • Love Noodle & Boo.
  • Subscribe to the company motto, “when only the best will do.”
  • Support Noodle & Boo’s mission to help kids who have the greatest needs.
  • Enjoy building a community of like-minded moms.

Noodle & Boo ambassadors are tasked with the following:

  • Trying Noodle & Boo products on social media once every three months.
  • Offering giveaways to their friends because they believe in the company’s philosophy “try us to love us.”
  • Joining the brand’s efforts to bring visibility and resources to organizations that help children.

In exchange for their efforts, brand ambassadors receive:

  • Access to new products before they become available to the public.
  • The ability to share exclusive offers and discounts.
  • Regular recognition via the brand’s social media platforms.
  • Commission for all referred sales.

You can apply for the Mama Ambassador Program by filling out their application. You will be asked to provide your contact information, blog URL, and unique monthly visits, as well as your social media handles and follower counts, your children’s names and ages, and why you want to be a Mama ambassador.

How BrandChamp Can Help

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