If you’re searching for effective ways to market your brand online, you should look into starting a customer loyalty program. Essential to any eCommerce marketing strategy, these programs reward a brand’s best customers for their support. Popular examples of customer loyalty include sharing referral codes, writing reviews, and posting on social media.

What makes these programs so valuable? Word-of-mouth marketing is perhaps the most powerful marketing tactic out there today, influencing up to 90% of all purchases.

Not only that, but one study found that 83% of consumers want authenticity in the brands they buy from. So, instead of spending money on ads featuring actors who have never tried your brand, recruit real customers who love your brand. This way, your audience gets the genuine connection they crave, and they get rewarded at the same time.

Wondering how you can launch a program like this? First, by taking a looking at some brands that are doing it right. In particular, the gummy supplement industry is dominating this space. With new brands coming on the scene at a rapid rate, strong customer loyalty programs are one way to stay ahead of the competition.

Well-managed customer loyalty programs are driving sales for the brands below. And they will for your company, too, if you level up your game with a platform like BrandChamp. Let’s explore some of the top customer loyalty programs for gummy supplement brands!

Goli Nutrition  


Goli Nutrition strives to help people achieve wellness and happiness no matter how busy their lifestyle is. To achieve this, Goli proudly formulates supplements that make it easy to reach nutrition goals by simply taking one or more vegan, gluten-free gummies every day.

Goli Nutrition Ambassador Strategy

As you’d expect, Goli appeals to people who are passionate about nutrition and want to share that passion with others while making a little extra money.

Anyone who qualifies to join their Goli Partners Program can expect to earn cash through online and offline sales. They’ll also get the following benefits from this brand ambassador program:

  • Instant payouts
  • Recurring commissions
  • Dedicated support
  • Real-time tracking

More specifically, right from the start, Goli brand ambassadors can earn 10 percent commission when they give 10 percent off to followers. The more sales they generate for the brand, the higher the discounts they can give—and the more they make in commissions! So according to the Goli Partners Program’s terms, those who generate more than 200 sales per month can offer 15 percent off to followers and get 20 percent commission.

How do Goli Partners give discounts and track their success with sales? They share a dedicated promo code with their social media followers. Once they reach $10 in their brand ambassador account, they can transfer the money to their PayPal account

Job Responsibilities

  • Create and post images, videos or written content that promotes Goli and its products or current campaigns 
  • Share and promote a promo code to persuade followers to buy Goli products
  • Quickly reply to any communications from Goli representatives and followers asking about Goli
  • Occasionally take part in training programs

How to Apply

Anyone who is 18 or older, agrees to the terms, and has one or more regularly updated social media page, can apply for the Goli Partners Program here.


Herbaland gummy supplements


Since 2009, Herbaland has been serving the gummy vitamin market with delicious gummies that are known for having clean ingredients. Canada’s largest nutritional gummy manufacturer, it exports over 40 million bottles of nutritious gummies every year. Its mission is to offer quality ingredients while also focusing on community and sustainability.

Herbaland Ambassador Strategy

Herbaland’s VIP Program encourages anyone excited about this brand to share their enthusiasm with others in exchange for Gummy Coins. These can be redeemed for everything from branded merchandise and special products to exclusive discounts and money off the next order of vitamins.

The more Gummy Coins ambassadors earn, the higher they climb on the program’s tier system, which equates to more coins and bigger discounts. One hundred Gummy Coins are worth $1, so 2,000 Gummy Coins equal $20 off Herbaland products.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Place an order
  • Follow Herbaland on Twitter and Instagram
  • Like on Facebook
  • Complete a product review
  • Celebrate a birthday
  • Refer a friend
  • Share custom discount codes on social media

How to Apply

To qualify for this brand ambassador program, applicants need to be at least 18 years old and located in North America. They should also have a passion for health and wellness — especially gummy vitamins — and have at least 1,000 followers on social media. People who meet these requirements can apply here.

O Positiv


Based in Los Angeles, O Positiv is a wellness company that’s focused on empowering women through research-backed self-care options. Its most popular product is FLO Vitamins, the first-ever gummy vitamin specifically designed to relieve PMS symptoms.

O Positiv Ambassador Strategy

This brand offers both an influencer program and a referral program. For the referral program, participants who refer a friend — giving them $10 off their first bottle of FLO vitamins — get $10 off their next bottle.

The influencer program works a little differently in that it lets members earn money for every bottle of FLO vitamins they help sell. They’ll get a commission based on the number of bottles their social media followers buy.

If members of the influencer program sell more than five bottles a month using their discount code, they’ll get an invitation to the VIP program. This lets them earn $10 for every sale. With this program, there’s no limit to how much money influencers can earn.

Job Responsibilities

  • Use social media pages to share posts and images about FLO with followers and fans
  • Share discount code to give followers 10% off orders
  • Earn $5 for every sale with the discount code, or $10 per sale, after selling more than 5 bottles per month

How to Apply

Anyone who wants to join the referral program can sign up here. Influencers who are active on blogs or social media—such as TikTok or Instagram—can apply here.



OLLY makes a variety of vitamins that are meant to support everything from immunity to better sleep. The mission of this company is to make good nutrition easier to understand and achieve through vitamins that are packed with nutrients that can keep people feeling strong, energetic and happy.

OLLY Ambassador Strategy

OLLY Smile Miles lets people earn points when they buy vitamins, refer friends to OLLY’s products and take other actions that keep them engaged with the brand. The points can add up over time for members of Smile Miles and they can redeem these points for exclusive discounts on vitamins.

Members can start earning points simply by signing up for the program. They can keep earning by interacting with OLLY’s social media pages, celebrating a birthday and referring friends. They’ll also earn one point for every dollar they spend on OLLY products, though they can earn even more by buying more, as they’ll get 1.5 points per dollar spent after 5 purchases.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create an account to start earning points
  • Like OLLY’s Facebook page
  • Share coupon code with friends with an offer of $5 off their first order of $75 and earn $5 in points

How to Apply

Anyone interested in joining OLLY Smile Miles can click here to sign up and start earning points!

Bear gummy supplements



Vegamour strives to improve hair wellness through its line of plant-based, holistic hair care products. One of Vegamour’s most popular products is GRO Biotin Gummies for thinning hair.

Vegamour Ambassador Strategy

Like the other brand ambassador programs mentioned here, Vegamour’s program — called In the GRO — rewards customers with exclusive deals when they shop and refer friends to the brand. Anyone who joins In the GRO can start earning points by buying products, engaging with the brand on social media, leaving reviews and more.

They can redeem the points they earn for discounts on Vegamour products. And, if they spend enough to reach VIP status, they can get even more rewards, such as early access to sales, early access to brand new products and free shipping.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create an account and buy Vegamour products to start earning points
  • Join Vegamour’s Facebook group for more points
  • Subscribe to the brand’s YouTube channel
  • Follow Vegamour on Instagram  
  • Leave a review on Vegamour’s products
  • Refer friends with a coupon code that gives them $10 off their first order of $50 and earn $10 per referral

How to Apply

Anyone who wants to join Vegamour’s ambassador program can sign up online here.

Ready to Launch a Customer Loyalty Program?

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