Brand Ambassador Management Software

Build, scale and measure brand ambassador campaigns with thousands of participants overnight. Automate recruitment, activities, activity verification and reward distribution.

#1 Brand Ambassador Platform

With the BrandChamp platform, you have all the tools you need to manage a thriving brand ambassador program

Network Connection

Ambassador Portal

Branded URL and portal for brand ambassadors


Ambassador Directory

Display a directory featuring brand ambassadors on your website


Challenges and Tasks

Create simple and complex challenges with multiple tasks

Market Analysis

Dashboard & Reporting

Both your team and ambassadors can monitor performance and compensation earned

expert interviews

Activity Tracking

Monitor the tasks that brand ambassadors complete

Traffic Conversions

Statements & Balances

Issue rewards and commissions as nice monthly statements

Budget Calculator

Coupon & Discount Codes

Issue coupons and discount codes across marketplaces

Social Sign

Referral Sales

Track referral sales across marketplaces

.BrandChamp helps with recruiting new ambassadors, managing day to day operations, tracking the results and issuing rewards to ambassadors.


“BrandChamp is awesome! I love it!”

-Callie Egland, Influencer Management, Inner Fire Apparel

Branded Portal For Brand Ambassadors

Give your brand ambassadors a portal to participate in your brand ambassador program. Allow brand ambassadors to browse challenges and tasks to complete, check on rewards recived and manage their ambassador profile. Make it easier for ambassadors to stay engaged and actively participate in your brand ambassador program.

Features include:

  • Manage all aspects of your brand ambassador program using the BrandChamp platform
  • Flexible platform that can be configured to accommodate the unique aspects of your brand ambassador program
  • Turnkey – Don’t worry about IT, software development or hosting
  • Get started in a couple hours and manage your brand ambassador program in real-time
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Create A Community of Passionate Brand Ambassadors

BrandChamp makes it easy to have clear communication and transparent reporting with brand ambassadors. The platform tracks activity, presents ambassador activity for approval, and helps you issue rewards. Brand Ambassadors can view all of their activity and see if each item has been approved by your team. All their rewards are available and organized in statements to make it easy to see earnings each month.

  • Brand ambassadors can submit and track activities being reviewed
  • Each brand ambassador gets a line by line report of their rewards
  • Special rewards in the form of discounts and coupon codes for free products can be issued

Track Ambassador Referral Sales Across Marketplaces

The BrandChamp platform makes it possible to track referral sales across marketplaces. This includes tracking referral sales for brand ambassadors on Amazon, Shopify and WooCommerce. Easily view referrals sales and activities across sales channels and brand ambassadors.

  • Create referral codes for both Amazon and Shopify
  • Automatically calculate commissions on referral sales
  • Monitor for fraud, returns or refund requests before issuing commissions
  • Auto generate store credit based on commission earned
SEO Monitoring
Mobile Application

Brand Ambassador Generated Content

BrandChamp makes it easy for brand ambassadors to select from different activities and create content specifically for your brand. This can include creating content like blog posts, product reviews, photos and posting to social media. Brand ambassadors can submit their activity for review and automatically issue them rewards.

  • Brand ambassadors can submit social activities and blog posts for review
  • Launch quick campaigns to get brand ambassadors to create content
  • Share the best content created by brand ambassadors for your brand
  • Give brand ambassadors specific types of content activities

Improve Brand Ambassador Participation

BrandChamp improves engagement and participation rates for brand ambassador programs. By providing the brand ambassadors all the tools they need to complete activities and earn rewards you will see an increase in participation and engagement.

  • Brand ambassador messages when rewards are issued
  • Submit activities and monitor when they are reviewed
  • View commissions and rewards earned in real-time

Grow your brand ambassador program to thousands of participants