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Whether you have 20 or 2,000 brand ambassadors, our all-in-one platforms empowers you to manage campaigns with ease. Automate day-to-day brand ambassador management, streamline activities, track rewards and use real time analytics to improve your program.

#1 Brand Ambassador Management Platform

With BrandChamp’s ambassador management software, you have all the tools you need to manage — and grow — a thriving brand ambassador program. Recruit and onboard ambassadors. Create and track activities. Implement tiered commission structures. Manage user-generated content. Automate rewards. Whatever you want your program to achieve, BrandChamp’s ambassador management software can help. Not only that, but we support influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, referral marketing, customer loyalty programs, hybrid programs, and more!

Ambassador Portal

Brand ambassadors have their own branded URL and portal to stay connected. With the click of a button, they can submit activities and collect rewards.

Ambassador Directory

Browse a comprehensive directory of your ambassadors. Easily identify who is the most engaged and who produces the best content.

Ambassador Activities

Create simple or complex activities. You can event segment your ambassadors into different groups and create unique tasks for each segment!

Dashboard & Reporting

Both your internal team and brand ambassadors can monitor performance and rewards. Learn which activities produce the most engagement from ambassadors.

Activity Tracking

Monitor the tasks that brand ambassadors complete on our easy-to-navigate dashboard. You can choose to approve activities manually, or automate your rewards system.

Statements & Balances

Issue rewards and commissions via straightforward monthly statements. Ambassadors love how quick and easy it is to collect their rewards.

Coupons & Discount Codes

Send out coupons, discount codes or gift cards. Every brand rewards ambassadors in a different way — BrandChamp's software supports them all.

Referral Sales

Track referral sales on Amazon, Shopify and WooCommerce sites. We seamlessly integrate with leading online marketplaces.

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“BrandChamp is awesome! I love it!”

Callie Egland | Influencer Management, Inner Fire Apparel

Branded Ambassador Portal

Empower your brand ambassadors to participate in your program with their own branded portal. Ambassadors can quickly manage their ambassador profiles, browse new activities, and check on the status of their rewards. Our brand ambassador management software makes it so easy for ambassadors to stay engaged and actively participate in your brand ambassador program. Clients often share that, once they implement BrandChamp, their ambassador programs increase sales and boost awareness like never before! 

Of course the portal is great for brand ambassadors, but it’s also a huge time saver for ambassador program managers.Within hours of getting set up with BrandChamp, you can launch and start managing your brand ambassador program in real time. The best part? As a BrandChamp client, you can forget about IT or hosting problems — we handle that for you. 

We explain more benefits in the sections below!

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Ambassador Management and Reporting

BrandChamp makes it simple to manage any kind of ambassador marketing program. How? Clear communication and transparent reporting are two aspects of our platform appreciated by our clients and their ambassadors. 

There’s no need to search your inbox for emails, keep track of confusing spreadsheets, or remember to save everything in folders. Brand ambassadors submit activities for approval directly into the portal. You can opt to approve activities and share rewards automatically, or review activities manually. It’s all there, in one place, for you to review whenever you want. 

We’ve talked to client about what they love about our brand ambassador management software, and here are some of their favorite features: 

  • Managing all aspects of your brand ambassador program, from recruiting ambassadors to creating tasks to sending emails to sharing rewards
  • Segmenting ambassadors into different groups, creating tiered commission structures, or otherwise customizing our flexible platform to accommodate the unique aspects of your brand ambassador program
  • Providing ambassadors with line-by-line reports of their rewards
  • Reviewing tasks and reward ambassadors all in the same tool 
  • Issuing special rewards in the form of discounts and coupon codes for free products 

Track Ambassador Referral Sales

We are experts at helping e-commerce brands grow their ambassador programs. With our platform, you can track referral sales across marketplaces. This includes tracking referral sales for brand ambassadors on Amazon, Shopify and WooCommerce. With a few clicks, you can:

  • Create referral codes for both Amazon and Shopify
  • Automatically calculate commissions on referral sales
  • Monitor for fraud, returns or refund requests before issuing commissions
  • Automate store credit based on commission earned
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Manage User-Generated Content

User-generated content is content created by ambassadors or influencers to boost brand awareness. It’s one of the most valuable kinds of content because it’s authentic and builds trust in your brand. 

With BrandChamp, you can design and track ambassador activities that produce priceless user-generated content. Examples include blog posts, YouTube videos, product reviews, and social media posts. A few ways our brand ambassador management software helps with user-generated content include:

  • Brand ambassadors can submit social activities and blog posts for review with the click of a button
  • You can launch quick campaigns asking brand ambassadors to create content around an event or product launch
  • Collect and share the best content created by brand ambassadors for your brand
  • Give brand ambassadors specific types of content activities to build brand awareness
For a phenomenal example of a BrandChamp client optimizing their user-generated content, download our free Skirts Sports case study. You’ll learn how they activated more than 1,000 brand ambassadors to create more than 70,000 pieces of user-generated content. The result? Instagram is now their top sales channel! 

Improve Brand Ambassador Participation

BrandChamp is designed to improve engagement and participation rates for brand ambassador programs. By providing ambassadors with the tools they need to complete activities and earn rewards all in one, easy-to-navigate platform, you will see an increase in participation and engagement. Here are a few reasons why ambassadors love BrandChamp:

  • They receive a message as soon as a reward is issued.
  • They can easily submit an activity and see when it’s been reviewed.
  • They can view commissions and rewards earned in real-time, and track their cumulative rewards over time. 
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With BrandChamp’s brand ambassador marketing software, your ambassador program will increase referral sales, create valuable user-generated content and reward customer loyalty.

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