Learning how to start growing a brand ambassador program from a few passionate customers to a thriving community can be time-consuming. From searching for participants to inviting them to join your program, growing your brand’s community simply doesn’t happen overnight.

However, by implementing 4 simple tips, the time it takes to grow your program can easily be decreased.

In this video, you will learn how to use these tips to save time on growing your program.

  • Make your program visible
  • Promote on Social Media
  • Invite your frequent purchasers
  • Send a Newsletter

Tip #1 Make your Program Visible

After launching your program, you need to ensure that your program is visible. Whether it’s a poster in store or a navigational tab on your website, making the program visible for your current customers is key.

One immediate benefit of program visibility is being able to reach the most passionate members of your community. With visibility, passionate fans, customers, and advocates can now become educated about your program and be given the opportunity to apply.

These passionate people make the best participants for your program because they have an established relationship with your brand, familiarity with your products, and the engagement to become awesome participants.

As potential participants come into contact with your program, they should also be informed of 3 key pieces of information:

  • Benefits of Joining
  • Expectations
  • Goals

After potential participants learn more about the 3 points above, give them the opportunity to join, connect, or leave their personal information with your brand. Your main objective needs to be establishing a relationship with anyone that takes the time to learn more about your program.

Notice how Kaged Muscle makes their ambassador program visible on their homepage.

Kaged Muscle website ambassador options

They also provide their website visitors with the opportunity to apply.

Kaged Muscle application page website

Tip #2 Promote Your Program on Social Media

After making your program visible, you can now promote it on social media. Promoting the program on social media allows you to reach your current followers on the platforms they use the most.

Promoting the program can be done with a video or post on your timeline. With a post, your followers and prospective applicants always have a chance to come across your program in the future.

If creating a post isn’t your style, look to Instagram and Facebook stories. These stories are time sensitive lasting only 24 hours and can be strategically posted during your times of recruitment.

Check out how Sweet Sweat’s post includes an application link and a call to action for their followers to tag their friends.

Sweet Sweat ambassador program instagram photo women stair running

Southern Marsh reposted a current ambassador’s photo to promote the last day for program sign-ups.

Southern Marsh ambassador Instagram post tshirt man dog

Tip #3 Invite your Frequent Purchasers

Finding the people that purchase frequently from your store is the next tip for saving time on growing your program.

Frequent purchasers make excellent participants for relationship marketing programs as they can be incentivized with product discounts and gift cards to save money on their next purchase.

To find frequent customers, review your brand’s customers from the past 3 months and note the people who have returned or purchased 2-3 times.

In Shopify, you can easily find your returning customers and export the data.

Shopify admin customers export option

When reaching out, thank them for their repeat purchases, and invite them to join your program. Again, be sure to include the benefits of your program and a link to your application form.

With frequent purchasers in the program, their customer lifetime value also increases. As they earn product discounts and gift cards for participation, these rewards incentivize them to purchase more from your store.

Listen in to hear how Skirt Sport’s is increasing the customer lifetime value of their ambassadors.

Tip# 4 Send a Newsletter

The final tip to help you save time on growing your program is to send a newsletter to your subscribers.

In your next newsletter, include a section about your program and provide a brief overview. For the overview, lay out the benefits of your program and entice the reader to dedicate 5 minutes to learn more.

Your subscribers are the perfect candidates for your program as they have already made a choice to receive updates from your brand.

With an invitation to earn awesome rewards, your subscribers just hit the jackpot for making the decision to follow your brand.

By offering incentives for joining and a link to apply, you can effectively influencer your readers to join your new program in your next newsletter.


During your next recruiting push, be sure to try one of the 4 tips listed above.

When website visitors, followers, frequent purchasers, and subscribers are informed about your program, growing a community becomes less time-consuming and easier.

If you want to learn more about how BrandChamp’s ambassador software can help you create lasting relationships with passionate customers, please connect with us here.