August is National Wellness Month in the United States and, after the year we’ve had, who couldn’t use some self-care?! From fitness to mental health to nutrition, wellness comes in many forms. Here at BrandChamp, we are fortunate to support wellness brands with a massive variety of products and services. Each unique brand has built up a thriving brand ambassador program. Using our customizable platform, they track Tasks and Rewards and monitor ambassador engagement with ease. 

If you’re interested in starting a brand ambassador program or giving your current program a boost, keep reading. Below, we share three examples of BrandChamp clients in the wellness industry who harness the power of ambassadors to increase revenue and boost awareness. 

13 Seeds Hemp Farm

13 Seeds Hemp Farm is a family-run business in Tasmania. Their hemp-based products seek to alleviate arthritis, boost immunity, combat signs of aging, and more. Invested in customers’ wellness, 13 Seeds also offers a treasure trove of knowledge and recipes online. So how does their ambassador program work? Like a charm — but let us show you!

Once an ambassador is selected, 13 Seeds can ask them to participate in the program in many ways. Currently, customer testimonials are a favorite Task.

Below is a testimonial from brand ambassador Abbe C.:
Abbe C.

What are your interests? “Hi everyone! My name is Abbe and I’m a lover of all things holistic health and wellbeing. I’m studying full time to become a nutritionist and a health coach and I absolutely love dedicating every second to becoming the best version of myself whether that’s cooking in the kitchen, doing yoga or going for coffee with a dear friend. I also love getting out in nature and going for long walks.” 

Why are you passionate about health? “Ever since a little kid, I have always been passionate about all things health and wellbeing. I believe diet and what we put into our bodies is the first step to healing and living life to the fullest, and food will always be our medicine.”

How have you found 13 Seeds products? “I’ve been using 13 Seeds for many years now, ever since stumbling across their products in my local health food store. The range continues to increase, and the quality of the products never ceases to amaze me. The protein powders are the best consistency, and the chai and hot chocolates are awesome.”

Abbe’s testimonial is just one example of an easily trackable Task. She also has a referral code in her Instagram bio. For both, a quick screenshot uploaded to our platform is all 13 Seeds needs to log and reward Abbe’s Tasks. Or, if a Task is completed incorrectly, BrandChamp makes it easy for an ambassador to remedy the problem and re-submit it. 

In general, tracking and rewarding brand ambassadors with BrandChamp are simple for everyone involved. 

Healthy Human

Champions of our planet, Healthy Human tackles wellness from a different angle. They sell eco-friendly water bottles, tumblers, and bento boxes. They also back up their mission — Live Life Healthy — by donating 1% of all sales to charity.  

Why does such a “good” company need an ambassador program? Well, an engaged group of brand champions spreads Healthy Human’s message far and wide! Their ambassador program connects them with like-minded customers. Then, those like-minded customers share the brand with their networks. It’s a feel-good relationship that results in a healthier Earth and enhanced brand awareness. 

We are impressed by the brand ambassador section of Healthy Human’s website! It’s exciting, straightforward, and makes it easy to apply.

Once accepted, ambassadors with various interests can participate in the program. You’ll see posts about travel, fitness, hydration, and nutrition — all aligned with Healthy Human’s core values. Healthy Human often shares ambassador images on their profile, a popular practice. However, they level up some user-generated content by making it shoppable! This means that Instagram users can tap on a post and purchase a featured product directly. How convenient is that?


If you read Otamot’s name backward, you’ll have a hint as to what this brand is all about. That’s right — tomato sauce! Andrew, the company’s founder, shares, “Otamot was created by accident. I simply wanted to make one healthier meal, one night, for my daughter Evelyn. So instead of making a regular pizza sauce, I added in a bunch of veggies, and she loved it. That inspired me to create the most nutritious, delicious, and versatile line of tomato sauces on the planet, which we are so grateful to share with you.”

Recipes and foodie pics are understandably important pieces of ambassador content. But Otamot gets even more creative.

They’ve challenged their brand ambassadors to not only share their sauce love on social media, but also to take a “boots on the ground” approach. Otamot uses BrandChamp’s platform to ask for and reward “shelfies” — photos from inside ambassadors’ community supermarkets, featuring the sauce there on the shelf. Brilliant! 

For reference, here are a few great “shelfies” from Otomat’s brand ambassadors:

As you can see, 13 Seeds, Healthy Human and Otomat are completely different brands. They have distinct missions and diverse customer bases. That said, they have strong similarities when it comes to their brand ambassador programs: 

  • Attractive, fun landing pages for current and potential brand ambassadors
  • Clearly stated ambassador expectations
  • Simple but thoughtful ambassador applications
  • Engaging Tasks and Rewards
  • BrandChamp’s platform to make ambassador management a breeze

Consider brand ambassador management software as a wellness supplement for your brand. BrandChamp streamlines brand ambassador management, so you can focus on what you love. We are experts in helping brands in the wellness industry as well as many others. Feel free to explore our case studies and get in touch if you want to learn more about the platform!