If your company is familiar with ambassador marketing or has a brand ambassador program then you may know that one of the biggest challenges faced is maintaining high levels of engagement.

During campaigns, ambassador engagement levels should be a key metric to keep track of because it directly correlates to the promotional content being created for your brand. The math is simple, if ambassadors are engaged and happy then they’re more likely to accomplish something many other marketing approaches cannot which is increasing brand loyalty.

Wondering how to avoid poor engagement levels? It’s easy! Keep ambassadors excited, hook them up with awesome rewards and treat them like family.

Growing up in Hawaii, I’ve witnessed successful surf brands like Quicksilver, Billabong and even local surf shops thrive with ambassador marketing. How did they champion ambassador marketing before it ever became a trend? The answer is simple. They sent their ambassadors a box with awesome gear that they could model and share with the people in their communities.

Surfer Glow hat sunglasses sweatshirt surfboards in background

Why did this work? The ambassadors were so pumped with the free gear that all they could do was share their excitement and passion for the brand with others. I’m not saying give away all your products for free. But instead, give something that makes your ambassadors feel like they are a part of something.

When ambassadors feel accepted, they create awesome promotional content which helps build authentic social proof for your brand.

Here are 5 strategies to try with your Ambassadors!

1. Send Them Care Packages

Care packages are a great way to surprise your ambassadors and show them how important they are to your brand. A free t-shirt or a sticker to slap on a car can go a long way.

2. Offer Them Special Deals

Got a new product coming out? Give your ambassadors first crack to own it by having them do something simple in return. For example, a social media post informing their followers about the release date of your product.

3. Email Updates

Update your ambassadors about new challenges they can complete to earn rewards, discounted products, and special offers. Send them messages about the brand’s quarterly goals and create newsletters that call out team success stories.

4. Give Them The Opportunity To Earn Money

All ambassadors are not the same and some can approach their position differently. Some may see it as an opportunity to make money for both themselves and the brand. Issue referral links or discount codes to give ambassadors the ability to earn a commission.

5. Treat Them Like Family

Make your ambassadors feel like they are apart of your brand’s journey. Keep them in the loop. Seek their advice on product development. Give them the same deals as you would your employees. These people are out in the public every day! You never know when somebody may ask your ambassador about the free t-shirt you gave them.


By incorporating these marketing strategies your engaged ambassadors will provide your brand with so many opportunities to grow. As your ambassadors create quality content, your brand’s reach grows allowing you to capture more potential customers. By rewarding customers, you increase loyalty, purchase frequency, and lifetime value.

All this by doing something easy, treating the people that represent and create content for your brand like family.

Now go! Do something today to show how much you care about your brand ambassadors. You never know when they might promote your brand to your next lifetime customer!

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