When running a brand ambassador program one of the biggest building blocks to ensure success is communication. Yes, emailing your community is easy, but how do you truly know if your messages are really resonating with your audience?

If you’re already running a marketing campaign or ambassador program then you’ve probably heard a million times about how important communication is. So now the questions becomes, are you communicating effectively and with the right tool to make sure you and your ambassadors are on the same page? If your answer is maybe, keep reading!

I know what you are thinking. If I already send my ambassadors emails and updates, what more can I do? The answer is hidden within the details of your audience. By fully understanding the most effective ways to reach them you will see an increase in the reach and the response to your brand’s messages and goals.

Remember your brand ambassadors come from all different walks of life, whether they are famous celebrities, influencers, or avid customers. With this, you must be aware of the best practices and tools for reaching your community. Whether it be email, text message, or social media group you must remember that everybody has their preferred communication tool for sending and receiving information.

Just because you sent out an email doesn’t mean you’ve reached every individual. Use several different methods to confirm that your participants are informed and aware about the direction of your brand.

Here are 8 tips to help with communication

1. Emailing Based On Segments

Segment your community of brand ambassadors and tailor specific messages for each group. One tip for this would be to email “Active” and “Inactive” ambassadors. By doing this you could focus on driving engagement with the “Inactives” while praising and updating the “Active” members with two different messages.

2. Social Media Group

By creating a private social media group, ambassadors will get that “country club” type of feeling knowing that only they have access to it. Use this group to provide first access to new products, highlights on awesome news surrounding the brand and a place that encourages ambassadors to communicate amongst each other. With a social media group you now have a location to build your community with your brand being in the epicenter of it all.

3. Frequency

Communicate and engage your ambassador community at least once a week. Some effective topics include product releases, company news, quarterly goals, promotional challenges and rewards that your community can win for creating content.

4. 1 To 1 Communication

Make it a priority to reach out directly to members of your ambassador community. Encourage the people who are creating the best content and re-engage the ones that are not active. 80% of adults and 91% teens use messaging apps everyday, be sure to use a 1 to 1 messaging app to stay in touch with your community.

5. Leave A Personal Message

Add a nice personal touch at the end of your messages. Wish people happy birthday and congratulate them on the effort put forth for the brand. Let people know that there is an actual human being on the other side of the emails with the same passion for the brand.

6. Avoid Information Overload

Be informative but also remember that your ambassadors can only take so much. Be brief and concise, add some value, and let your ambassadors know how things are going. Pull your ambassadors in with engaging brand news rather than constantly pushing every bit of information on to them.

7. Private Chat Group

Create a private chat group on the most preferred messaging channel. Apps like Slack, WhatsApp and Line offer great group chat features and allow you to touch base 1 to 1 as well.

8. Build A Relationship

Building a personal relationship is a great way to keep your community engaged. Remember, you are the face of the brand when communicating with your ambassadors. Let them know you are listening, praise them and share the awesome content they create with others.


With better communication your ambassadors will become more active and their brand loyalty will increase. These engaged ambassadors will brand create better content and help introduce new customers to your brands.

Now go, take the time to incorporate at least one of these tips into your ambassador program.

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