Travel brand ambassador programs reward a company’s customers or non-staff representatives with perks, such as discounts, upgrades and other rewards, for representing the brand in essential, public ways. Brand ambassador marketing cultivates long-term company/influencer relationships by benefiting both parties. We are firm believers that just about can brand can benefit from a well-managed ambassador program.

Today, we are focusing on travel as so many people are planning post-pandemic trips or visiting their loved ones for the holidays. If you are planning to launch a brand ambassador program, strengthen the one you have, or join one yourself, you should study some successful examples. Remember, your program can and should be as unique as your company, and our platform streamlines the management process.

Airbnb Ambassador Program

Airbnb, the online marketplace for vacation rentals and homestays, has created a sophisticated ambassador program that aptly rewards those accepted into their program. Of course, you need to be a successful host in your own right before you apply to the ambassador program. You must also strongly believe in the company’s methods. If you are a devoted Airbnb host who believes they can help others begin hosting, you should apply for the position on the company’s website. 

The company only names you an ambassador if they consider you an exceptional host. If you are accepted as an ambassador, aka a Superhost, you will refer people to the program whom you think would make great hosts. You would then guide them through the process and help them as they host their first guests. The company will then pay you for every new host you refer. You’ll earn more per referral this way than you would outside of the ambassador program. As an added incentive to prospective hosts, your referrals also get a cash reward when they begin hosting. The program attracts and rewards excellence and makes hosting even more lucrative than it already is. 

EF Ultimate Break Ambassador Program

Ambassador exploring in Bangkok roads

EF has been a mainstay of the educational travel business for over half a century. In fact, several generations of your family may have taken part in these exciting and culturally rich tours. But you don’t have to be a student to be a part of the EF experience. You can apply to be an ambassador. 

EF rewards its ambassadors with exciting world travel opportunities while making it easier for their friends or students to travel as well. The company looks for certain criteria in their ambassadors. It targets 18-29-year-old people who love to travel and who want to spread the word about EF trips. Former student travelers are ideal candidates, but others can participate as well.  You should be the person in your group that others turn to for travel advice and who is an expert at using social media if you are interested in applying.

The rewards are excellent, and travel is the best perk. Earning a free trip is straightforward. People who book their trips while using your unique promo code will get a $100 discount. When 15 people have booked using this code, you will earn your free travel experience.

You can also earn other rewards, including a dedicated EF Ultimate Break Support squad, extra promotion of your social media posts and a chance at exclusive Ambassador Trips at special discounted prices. This ambassador program is one of the best ways to travel to exotic locations on someone else’s dime. You can enjoy yourself while helping educate students about the world. 

Wandr Ambassador Program

Wandr is a travel app company that lets travelers share their past itineraries through photos. Users can then literally follow in each other’s footsteps and share in the Wandr community. Once you download the app, you import the trip photos you want to share to an interactive map. Wandr then creates an itinerary that shows the route you took and how long you spent at each stop. Community members who like the look of your trip and save it and plan their own adventure. You can also look at other posted itineraries and add them to your Wandrlist. Members give each other advice about what to expect at each stop, which enriches the travel experience. 

The company looks for Ambassadors who are experienced travelers and have already created quality content. To join the program, you have to fill out an application and then wait for an invitation to their private Facebook community. Once you’ve been accepted, you will have chances to earn money for doing what you’ve been doing for free: traveling and sharing your experiences.  The company also pays for travel through third-party vendors and helps you establish paid relationships with their trusted partners. You can also create and sell itineraries on the app. 

Envoy by Four Seasons

The Four Seasons has long been synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Many consider these hotels to be a destination unto themselves. Their brand ambassador marketing is in keeping with their impeccable reputation. 

Envoy by Four Seasons is one of the more unique travel ambassador programs. It looks for craftspeople, artists and storytellers from around the world who can share their artistic vision of what it means to “be in the moment.” Envoy then connects them to different cultures, places and experiences. Does that description sound a little lofty? Sure it does, but the program offers the experience of a lifetime with the advantage of luxurious accommodations. 

If you are accepted into Envoy, Four Seasons will invite you to one of their locations that especially inspires you. You might explore the beaches of Bali or climb the peaks of the French Alps. Want to check out Beijing or Moscow? Apply to the program. You may be invited to go anyplace a Four Seasons exists that matches your creative spirit and personal aspirations. trips are designed to immerse you in the local culture as well as in Four Seasons hospitality. You are only asked to enjoy and to create. Apply online today for your chance at this unusual and exciting ambassadorship.

BEIS Ambassador Program

Do you enjoy free products that are functional and fashionable? BEIS, the affordable luggage, travel bag and accessory company, also offers a reward-rich travel ambassador program. BEIS execs are looking for enthusiastic people who are into travel and have active and popular social media accounts. If you like taking selfies, looking fresh and fashionable and enjoy the latest in luggage, this position could be for you. 

We Are Travel Girls Ambassador Program

Train in the fields

We Are Travel Girls is a global travel community designed to bring together women who want to explore the world. They conduct meet-ups and special events around the world and design special luxury retreats, country tours and charitable expeditions as well. 

The Travel Ambassador Program lets you become part of their team and not just a participant on their website or social media. Their team expectations for you include the following. 

  • Write 1-2 articles for 
  • Share these articles on your own social media
  • Actively advocate for We Are Travel Girls on your social media, blogs, etc. 
  • Create teaser posts
  • Contribute quality photography

The staff expects a lot from its ambassadors, but you also benefit in a number of ways. You will receive: 

  • A feature on their About page
  • A shout out on the company’s Instagram
  • Press trips
  • Article publication
  • Co-Hosting Getaways
  • Hosting meet-ups and events
  • Discounts on getaways

The company is looking for skilled writers who love to travel and who have a solid social media presence. To be considered as an ambassador, you must be published on their site. After you’ve had five articles accepted, you will automatically be considered for the position. You may also express interest in becoming a travel ambassador by emailing the staff and explaining why you would be a good fit for the program.  Being an ambassador for this company means putting in some hard and consistent work, but the exposure can really improve your career. 

Creating Your Own Brand Ambassador Program

If you want to establish or improve your own brand ambassador marketing, in the travel industry or any other, BrandChamp can help. Ambassadors and influencers are a major power in creating brand awareness and boosting your company’s popularity. By establishing a quality brand ambassador program, you stay competitive with others in the field and expand your exposure. You also create a loyal team who will push your brand relentlessly for the company’s good and for their own rewards. 

BrandChamp has worked with some of the fastest growing eCommerce brands to drive sales and strengthen customer loyalty. How do we do it? By making the process fun. Creating and managing these programs shouldn’t be a chore. We are experts at managing and improving all types of marketing rewards programs. Reach out today to level up your brand strategy!