This outline is used by hundreds of e-commerce brands to generate 20% of total brand revenue from measurable referral sales their brand ambassadors generate.

Learn how Skirt Sports converted 1,000 of their brands biggest fans into brand ambassadors generating 70,000 tagged Instagram pictures and hundreds of thousands of dollars in measurable referral revenue with their ambassador program.

Finding Ambassadors

  • Smart brands are converting their biggest fans into brand ambassadors
  • Brand ambassadors have a 2-3x higher cLTV than regular customers
  • And the average brand ambassador will generate 5 – 20 referrals over the course of the year
  • Because of these two facts, you should recruit as many brand ambassadors as possible, regardless of social reach


Ambassador Application Process

  • Once you find your ambassadors you need to onboard them into your program
  • You need a contract that limits liability, grants you license to UGC & sets expectations
  • This includes your ambassador program contract, your expectations for them, and their expectations for you
  • If you want to generate a meaningful amount of revenue from brand ambassadors you need to recruit hundreds or thousands
  • It’s not viable / too time consuming / prone for mistakes managing this process manually using multiple apps and spreadsheets
  • BrandChamp’s application process automates this for you with automated intake forms, and approval or denial workflows


Enabling your brand ambassadors to create awesome content

Resources to help your ambassadors take great pictures

Look at these two articles:

Setting Up Activities Your Brand Ambassadors Love Doing

Ambassador activities that generate referral revenue have two things in common:

  1. Fun for ambassadors to complete
  2. Give the ambassadors guidance on creating engaging posts


Rewarding Brand Ambassadors

  • Great rewards have two things in common
  • Drive brand KPIs like increased LTV, AOV, purchase frequency, and enable brands to get rid of old inventory & get new inventory into the hands of their ambassadors
  • Are valued by your ambassadors. A good rule of thumb is would you work towards the reward you’re offering?