Finding ambassadors for your program is easier than you think! By including information about your ambassador program in your brand’s communication channels, you can easily save time finding the people that are already the most passionate about your brand

With the average ambassador referring 5-20 referral sales a year and averaging a 2-3x higher customer lifetime value compared to regular customers. Scaling an ambassador program is the number one most important piece in generating meaningful revenue from the ambassador program.

In this video we’ll look at these 8 different tactics to use when promoting your program and recruiting a healthy number ambassadors:

  1. Send a newsletter
  2. Transactional Emails
  3. At the end of every blog post
  4. On your website (i.e contact page, about page, footer, Thank you page, pop up)
  5. Create an eye-catching graphic and pin it to your Twitter & Facebook pages
  6. Promote on Instagram
  7. Inside your YouTube videos
  8. Monthly activity for your ambassadors to promote the program

8 Tactics to Find Brand Ambassadors

Continue reading to learn more about the 8 tactics mentioned above and check out some real-life examples.


The first tactic you can use to promote your program is to inform your brand’s email list in the next newsletter.

Sending a newsletter is a great tactic to use to reach the customers that already follow the brand’s announcements.

After launching your program be sure to leave a space in your newsletter to talk about the program and provide readers with a link to apply.

Once the program is announced, include a link in the footer of the newsletter going forward so that any reader will always have the opportunity to join.

Example Newsletter promoting the program and providing a link to apply:

Ambassador newsletter welcome letter

Transactional Emails

Once you are finished promoting your program in your newsletter, you can then start recruiting ambassadors by utilizing your brand’s transactional emails.

Every time a customer makes a purchase on your site, they need to be made aware of your program. By placing promotions for the program in your transactional emails you can entice all your customers to join your program and earn exclusive discounts for telling their stories.

With 89% of Americans checking their emails at least once a day, you want to be sure that your emails make it easy for your passionate customers to join your program.

Blog Post

After promoting your program in your brand’s newsletter and transactional email you can then add an application form link to the footer of all your blog posts.

With 70% of consumers learn about a company through content rather than ads, be sure that your brand promotes its ambassador program in all your blogs with an application form link or a link for more details on the program.

You want to be able to capture the attention of anyone that has chosen to learn more information about your brand and its mission.

Find Ambassadors By Promoting Your Program On Your Website

Promoting your ambassador community on your website is one of the most important tactics to use when trying to recruit the people that are already passionate about your brand.

Every ambassador program should have its own page on your website in order to provide a place where visitors can learn more about the program and apply.

Some other places on a website that are great for recruiting ambassadors include:

  1. About page
  2. Contact page
  3. Footer of Website
  4. Thank you page
  5. Pop-up during times of recruitment

By recruiting ambassadors on your website, you can easily reach the people that frequent your site frequently and any new customers that stop by.

Here are 2 examples of how Dude Products and Healthy Human promote their ambassador programs.

Dude Products promotes its ambassador program in their “Contact” page:

Dude Wipes website homepage

Healthy Human promotes its program in their “About Us” page:

Healthy Human Website

Find Brand Ambassadors By Pinning Posts to Facebook/Twitter

Once you finish promoting your ambassador program on your website, you can then focus on recruiting ambassadors on social media.

2 of the best places to start recruiting your ambassadors is on Facebook and Twitter.
With Facebook being amongst the most used social media platforms, this should be the first place to promote your program. Especially before you launch your program and during any times of ambassador recruitment.

After creating a post about your program you can then “pin” your ambassador post to the top of your profile page so that anybody who frequents your page will see this recruitment post at the top of your page.

To pin a post on your Facebook page go to your timeline:

  1. Select the 3 dots in the top right corner of the post
  2. Click “Pin to top of page”

Facebook screenshot pin posts

Example of Skirt Sports promoting their ambassadors on Facebook:

SkirtSports user generated content ambassador team snow skiing boulder

Once you finish recruiting ambassadors on your brand’s Facebook page, you can then complete the same process on Twitter.

Kaged Muscle Promoting its Ambassador program on Twitter:

Kaged Muscle Twitter post supplements

Find Ambassadors By Promoting on Instagram

After promoting your program on Facebook and Twitter you can then focus on recruiting ambassadors via Instagram.

On Instagram, you can promote your ambassador program in several different ways:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Post/Video
  • Instagram TV

Southern Marsh shares all their Rep’s photos via Instagram Stories:

Southern Marsh Instagram Account

Healthy Human promotes its Ambassador Application as an Instagram Post:

healthy Human social media post brand ambassador applications

Anupaya promotes its ambassador program with multiple Instagram Stories

Anayupa ambassadors Instagram stories
Anayupa ambassadors Instagram stories recruit ambassadors

Youtube Videos

Does your brand create Youtube videos about your ambassador program? With Youtube videos, you can educate your audience and followers about your ambassador program and feature the different members who are involved.

In all descriptions of your Youtube Videos, include a link to your ambassador page and a link to your application form. With links in the video descriptions, anyone that follows your channel or watches your Youtube videos will have the opportunity to learn more about the program and apply to join

Example Of Kaged Muscle Youtube Video:

YouTube video screenshot Kayla Langdon Kaged Muscle ambassador testimonial

Monthly Activities

One of the best ways to recruit new ambassadors from your program is to utilize your current community members by having them complete monthly recruitment activities.

By creating recruiting activities every month, you can target the people that are the most likely to join as they have been referred by a trusted source.

Not only does sign up rates increase, but your ambassador’s brand loyalty also increases because they have close friends to share the ambassador journey with.

Example Templates for Recruiting Activities:

Title: {{Brand-Name}} is looking for people just like you!


  • {{Brand-Name}} is on the hunt for the people that you think would make a great fit in our community.
  • Send your friends this application form link {{application-link}} to 5 people that you trust and are active on social media to apply for the program!
  • Please send us the emails of the 5 friends that you sent the application form so that we can issue you your points.
  • 20 points for every friend that becomes accepted!

Title:Promote {{Brand-Name}}’s Ambassador Program!


  • We need your help! Ask your followers to apply for the program!
  • Include this application form link {{application-link}} in the caption of your post.
  • Be sure to let your followers know to add your name in the “referred by” section of the application form.
  • 20 bonus points for each person that is accepted!


Recruiting ambassadors doesn’t need to be hard or time-consuming! By using one of the tactics above to promote your program, you can easily find the people who are already passionate about your brand.

With a healthy number of ambassadors, any program can easily generate meaningful revenue for the brand and build a community of people that can back your brand.

If you are looking for a tool to automate your application and recruiting process check out how BrandChamp’s software manages the end to end onboarding process of your passionate customers.