Best Apparel Brand Ambassador Programs

Apparel Brand Ambassador Programs

Ambassadors get to share their passion for some of their favorite brands and get rewarded when someone makes a purchase thanks to their efforts. Brands benefit from organic marketing from people who are truly passionate about their products.

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1. 828 United Is Looking For Clothing Brand Ambassadors

828 United is an apparel company which combines bold, contemporary design with faith-based messages. They rely on brand ambassadors to create excitement and interest around their brand, in return for a 10 percent commission on each sale made.

Ambassadors are responsible for sharing the brand on social media and in person and are provided with clothing, accessories, and flyers by the company. They’re also given a purchase code to track their sales.

Commission percentage increases according to performance — a clever move which ensures top-performing ambassadors are motivated to keep working hard.

2. Pura Vida Is Recruiting Fashion Ambassadors For Their Program

Pura Vida was founded in Costa Rica and sells products produced by artisans around the world. The Pura Vida ambassadors program has over 12,000 reps all over the globe and is super easy to join.

Ambassadors simply need to provide name and location details, and will then receive their own personal discount code. This code can be used alongside social media posts featuring Pura Vida products, giving followers an exclusive discount. For every sale made, Pura Vida reps get cash, which is deposited directly into their bank accounts.

This program is so easy to sign up to that there’s no surprise it’s been successful in attracting a large number of ambassadors.

3. Just Strong Is Looking For Instagram Clothing Ambassadors

Just Strong make clothing that’s all about empowering women, and they want their ambassadors to reflect their brand values. They look for ambassadors who are passionate and active, whether that’s through mountain climbing or fighting an illness.

In return for posting three high-quality images of Just Strong apparel each month, ambassadors get their own discount code, earn cash for sales, and get a 20 percent discount off clothes.

This program is designed to attract ambassadors who are already passionate about the brand — a smart move which results in more genuine posts.

4. Lost Souls Is Growing Their Clothing Ambassador Program

Lost Souls is an Australia-based apparel company that recruits ambassadors who are active and influential on social media.

They expect brand ambassadors to post photos or video of themselves wearing Lost Souls clothing to different social media platforms at least once every other week. They’ll provide free promotional clothing and a discount code which allows ambassadors to earn for each sale.

Lost Souls emphasize the fact that they’ll help ambassadors become more influential in the fashion community, which helps attract motivated, ambitious applicants.

5. Wicked Custom Apparel Has A Massive Ambassador Program

Wicked Custom Apparel sell bold, modern graphic tees, and they run an ambassador program that’s a little different to others. Rather than getting rewarded with cash when someone purchases using their code, Wicked Custom Apparel ambassadors are rewarded with free items from the store. This is a smart way to attract ambassadors who truly do love the brand.

They also set minimum requirements for follower count to ensure that only active ambassadors with an engaged following are hired, which cuts down on wasted time for everyone.

Using a dedicated ambassador marketing platform is one of the most effective ways for brands and ambassadors to work together. Start planning your ambassador program today, taking inspiration from the examples above.

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  1. Michelle Melvill on February 16, 2018 at 11:34 pm

    What I love most about fashion is the happiness I see it bring to people when they find that perfect outfit or a style that tells others about the kind of person they are.
    Fashion is a part of our every day lives and it is something I am very passionate about. I would love to be an ambassador for a clothing line through social media platforms, and also through positive word-of-mouth, seeing as I’m surrounded by many people daily.

  2. Bianca Garcia on May 14, 2018 at 9:43 am

    Hi, my name is Bianca Garcia and I’d love to represent your team! Although, i do not have the 5k followers, I do have over 2000 and my followers are way more active than the average 250 likes you require per post. My posts get at least 400 REAL likes and sometimes up to 650. My friends/followers are very active as well. Check me out, @garciagbianca

  3. abulela on September 27, 2018 at 1:52 am

    My name is abulela I have applied for this job because I see myself as a perfect candidate, I’m a young energetic person who knows what is doing and willing to learn. I want to help this brand to get exposure.

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