The process of getting ambassadors to participate in marketing campaigns can be a challenge. Incentives must be used to help motivate ambassadors and drive participation during the times that matter the most.

One way to drive ambassador engagement is to offer exclusive rewards. Exclusive rewards can be any reward that is not found in a rewards catalog and can only be claimed by completing specific activities.

By linking exclusive rewards to a particular activity, you can incentivize ambassadors to contribute in a way that benefits your marketing campaign the most.

With BrandChamp’s ambassador software, you can create exclusive activity rewards and link it to a specific activity to drive engagement and incentivize participation.

In this video, we will set up an activity reward, create a marketing activity that offers the reward, and complete the activity as an ambassador.

Setting up Auto Issued Reward

In this post, a walkthrough will be provided for creating an activity reward and a marketing campaign activity.

Before creating your marketing campaign activity, you will need to create an “Activity Reward”. When the “Activity Reward” is created it can then be linked it to any given activity.

To create an Activity Reward:

  1. Navigate to “Reward Types” page
  2. Click “Activity Rewards” tab
  3. Click “New Activity Reward”

BrandChamp ambassador management platform reward types activity rewards

For this example, you will set up a reward for 25% off an entire order

In the Reward Type section:

  1. Select “Shopify Discount”
  2. Set discount type to “Percentage”
  3. Enter the discount value “25%”

BrandChamp interface ambassador software reward types Shopify discount percentage discount

Next in the “Applies to” and “Minimum requirements” section:

  1. Select “Entire order”. This will allow the ambassador to apply the discount to their entire order
  2. Select “None”. By selecting “None”, the ambassador will not need to meet any purchase or quantity requirements

BrandChamp software rewards settings entire order no minimum requirements

After setting up the minimum requirements, you can edit the reward’s description:

  1. Enter the description “25% off entire order”
  2. Select “Custom Image” and upload your company logo
  3. Select “Auto issue this reward?”. This reward will now be issued immediately to ambassadors upon approval of their activity submission.
  4. Click “Save”

BrandChamp software rewards description image auto-issue

After clicking “Save”, you can now create a Marketing Campaign Activity that links to your activity reward.

Setting up Marketing Campaign Activity

In BrandChamp, a completed activity can offer an ambassador points that are used to claim rewards or specific rewards.

To create an activity that offers a specific reward, start in the Activity Types page:

  1. Navigate to “Activity Types” page
  2. Click “New”
  3. Select “Social Share Activity”

BrandChamp ambassador software activity builder social share activity

After selecting “Social Share Activity”, you can create the activity Title and Description in the “Tasks” tab.

In the “Tasks” tab:

  1. Enter the title: Free Range Spirit Outdoors Post
  2. Enter the Description: Take a photo of your self featuring one of our products in an outdoor theme! Include #FreeRangeSpirit and #FRS2019. All approved activities will be rewarded with a 25% off discount code for your next order

BrandChamp activity type task title description

Next, scroll down to set up the Verification Instructions.

In the Verification Instructions:

  1. Leave the default text, “Please enter link to your post or use “Pick…” button to select”. This informs the ambassador that they can either submit a link or “pick” their social media post from their timeline
  2. Select “Web address”. This allows ambassadors to submit a post via URL or by picking a post from their social media timeline

BrandChamp activity type social media verification instructions formats

Next, in the “Pick Social Media Posts” section:

    1. Select the boxes for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
    2. Select “Default “Approve” outcome. This sets up a default “Approve” or “Reject” outcome when reviewing ambassador’s activities
    3. Finally, click “Next Step – Reward”

BrandChamp social media post picker approval outcome

In the “Reward” tab, you can link the activity reward that was created earlier (25% off entire order).

To link this activity to the “Activity Reward”:

    1. Click “Activity Reward Token”
    2. Select “25% off entire order”
    3. Click “Next Step – Limits”

BrandChamp activity reward activity reward token

In the Limits tab, the activity will be set up to be offered 1 time per month.

To define the activity limit:

  1. Select “Monthly”
  2. Enter “1” time per month
  3. Select “Next Step – Presentation”

BrandChamp activity limits completion period monthly weekly any completion limit

Finally, in the Presentation tab, we can configure how the activity will be viewed in the Ambassador Portal.

For the presentation:

  1. Select an “Icon” (i.e Megaphone)
  2. Check off the “Available” box
  3. Leave the BrandChamps Tag Filter empty.By leaving this field empty, all ambassadors will be able to view this activity

BrandChamp activity presentation icon availability tags

Scroll down to define the sorting order for this activity:

  1. Enter “100”. Activities sorted at 100 will be presented at the top of the activities list
  2. Click “Create”

BrandChamp activity prsentation tag filter sorting order

After the activity is created, it can then be completed by an ambassador.

Completing a Marketing Campaign Activity

To view the marketing activity that you just set up, log into the ambassador portal. In the ambassador portal, your activity can be viewed in the “Activities” page.

To access the Activities page, click “View” next to “Available Activities” or click the drop-down menu in the top left corner.

BrandChamp ambassador portal mobile smartphone

After clicking “View”, the activity page lists all the activities in order of importance.

In the Activities page, you can view the activity reward offered in the lower left corner.

The reward for the “Free Range Spirit Outdoors Post” is “25% off entire order”.

In the lower right corner of the activity, the completion limit is listed. The completion limit for the Free Range Spirit Outdoors Post activity is “1 per month”.

To view the activity instructions:

  1. Click on the “Free Range Spirit Outdoors Post” Activity

BrandChamp ambassador portal mobile smartphone available activities

When the activity is selected, the activity instructions, reward, and completion limit can be viewed.

BrandChamp ambassador portal activity instructions rewards limits

From here, scroll down to submit the activity.

For this activity, an ambassador can submit a post by pasting a URL link to their post or by “picking” an existing post from their social media timeline.

For this activity, you will submit an existing post from Instagram:

  1. Click “Pick from my Instagram”

BrandChamp ambassador site submit social task Facebook Twitter Instagram post link

When your Instagram Timeline appears:

    1. Click “Pick” on the post to be submitted

BrandChamp ambassador portal social media picker Instagram

After clicking “Pick”, the URL for the post automatically fills in:

  1. Click “Submit”

BrandChamp ambassador portal submit Instagram link

Once the activity is submitted, the ambassador will be redirected to the “In Progress” activity section.

In the “In Progress” activity section, the ambassador will receive a notification about their activity being reviewed by an administrator.

BrandChamp ambassador portal activity pending review

Approving Campaign Activity as an Administrator

The activities submitted by ambassadors can be viewed, approved, and rejected in the “Activities’ page of the BrandChamp Admin Portal.

In the Activities page, find the post submitted earlier at the top of the list.

To approve the activity and issue the reward to the ambassador:

  1. Leave a comment for the post “Great Job!”
  2. Click “Approve”

BrandChamp administrative portal review social activities decision approve reject comments

Once the activity is approved, the ambassador will then be rewarded with a discount code for “25% off entire order”.

BrandChamp administrative portal activity review approved task Instagram post

To claim the reward for “25% off entire order”, navigate back to the ambassador portal.

Claiming Reward as an Ambassador

After the ambassador’s activity is approved, the ambassador will be notified that their activity has been approved via email and in the ambassador portal.

To view unclaimed rewards, log back into the ambassador portal.

Once logged in:

    1. Click “View” in the highlighted “unclaimed reward” box

BrandChamp ambassador portal unclaimed reward notice

In the rewards catalog:

  1. Select the “Reward”
  2. Click “Review”

BrandChamp ambassador portal rewards catalog unclaimed reward

After clicking “Review”, the ambassador will then be asked to “Confirm” the reward

  1. Click “Confirm”

BrandChamp ambassador portal rewards catalog review rewards cofirm

When the reward is confirmed, the page will redirect to the “issued rewards” page. In the “issued rewards” page, an ambassador can now view their discount code for “25% off entire order”.

BrandChamp ambassador portal rewards issued how to use

To use this reward, copy the code and then apply it in the checkout process of the store.


By offering exclusive rewards, you can now incentivize your community to participate in the times that matter most.

When the reward is linked to a specific activity, ambassadors can then be engaged to complete the tasks that you need help with.

Learn how to create an ambassador program with BrandChamp.

To learn more about BrandChamp’s brand ambassador software platform and the rewards you can offer to engage ambassadors, check out our weekly webinar here.