Planning a Product Launch with Ambassadors

Planning out your brand’s product launches can be a time-consuming process. From creating the message of your campaign to establishing KPIs and goals, product launches require much time and effort. In order to save time, you should think about the marketing activities you want participants to help out with during your campaign and the rewards that will incentivize their participation.

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4 Strategies to Maximize Ambassador Referrals

One of the biggest benefits of relationship marketing is the number of referral sales that a passionate community of ambassadors can contribute to your brand. In order to maximize these referral sales, your ambassador program needs to be empowered with the knowledge, skills and the opportunity to influence as many referrals as possible. In this video, we’ll look at 4

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How to Become a Brand Ambassador

You have seen them already on Instagram. The girls, the boys, the dogs – everyone and anyone promoting something, protein powders, skinny teas, newest makeup product, gym supplements, clothing items, and teeth whitening systems. They have a lot of followers, highly engaging posts, and support from the brands they promote. They look effortlessly gorgeous and successfully sell whatever they advertise.

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finding brand ambassadors

8 Strategies To Find Brand Ambassadors

Finding ambassadors for your program is easier than you think! By including information about your ambassador program in your brand’s communication channels, you can easily save time finding the people that are already the most passionate about your brand With the average ambassador referring 5-20 referral sales a year and averaging a 2-3x higher customer lifetime value compared to regular

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brand ambassador program examples

Brand Ambassador Program Examples

We are in an e-commerce explosion, and when the average person spends almost two hours a day on social media, user-generated brand content is incredibly valuable. Millennials are the most popular target group for marketers, and 95% of them think their friends are the most relevant source of information on new products. Influencer marketing is the ultimate marketing buzzword, but

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Best Fitness Ambassador Programs

Rokfit Fitness Apparel About Rokfit Rockfit is a fitness apparel brand for men and women with a mission to outfit the modern fitness revolution. Rokfit offers edge and bold designs that enable it’s wearers to make a statement. Rokfit wearers jump, lift, squat and throw. They sprint, surf, climb and skate. They outlift runners and outrun lifters. But they’re not

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Paying Your Brand Ambassadors With Products

Creating marketing activities and rewards for an ambassador program can be a time-consuming process. From creating fun and effective activities to offering rewards that incentivize your ambassadors, the process of creating activities and rewards requires a lot of trial and error. After gathering data on hundreds of programs on our brand ambassador platform we put together some tips that we

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Ambassador tracking four people sign over face checkmark

Tracking Ambassador’s Participation

The process of tracking ambassador participation levels can be time-consuming. From looking at individual contributions to monitoring the engagement from the entire program, tracking ambassador’s participation simply requires a lot of time. However, with a brand ambassador platform like BrandChamp, you can save time tracking participation by reviewing data in real time of your program’s performance and ambassador contributions. In

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Happy Ambassadors

8 Rewards That Make Ambassadors Happy

In order for any ambassador program to be successful, it must first have happy participants. Happy brand ambassadors talk about your brand more, promote it in a positive light and are able to ultimately bring in more potential customers. With happy and authentic ambassadors, potential customers are provided with the authentic recommendation they need to make a purchase. Its proven,

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Lululemon Ambassadors

4 Key Benefits of Brand Ambassador Programs

Brand ambassador marketing is a powerful strategy to build a community of passionate customers to advocate for your brand, increase social media engagement and improve brand loyalty. In this post we’ll examine the four key benefits of an ambassador program with examples from leading brands from around the world. Are you a brand looking to increase revenue from your brand

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