With video content on the rise, ambassadors have begun to promote their favorite brands in places like Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

Tracking the Stories and Snaps can be difficult as this content expires after the first view or in 24 hours.

This creates a challenge as the brand needs to view the ambassador’s story on the social media account and document the content on the day it was posted.

With BrandChamp’s brand ambassador software, tracking Stories and Snaps is easy, you can have ambassadors take a screenshot of the content and upload it for the brand.

As screenshots are submitted, a brand can now track and reward ambassadors for promoting the brand.

In this video, an Instagram Story Activity will be created to allow ambassadors to easily upload and submit a screenshot of their Story.

Creating Instagram Story-Snapchat Activity

The goal for this Instagram Story Activity is to get ambassadors to create and submit one promotional Story every week for 200 points. This activity also functions the same way for Snapchat.

To track the Story, you can define the Activity and Verification instructions that offer ambassadors the ability to upload a screenshot of their post.

Activity Instructions

To create this activity, go to the “Activity Types” page in the “Activities” section and click the “New” button.

BrandChamp ambassador activity types new activity

Select the “Social Share Activity” from the drop-down list.

ambassador software platform social share activity

In the Activity “Tasks” tab, create the Instagram Story Activity.

-Title: Send us your Instagram Story!

-Description: Please capture a screenshot of your story featuring one of our products. Include @freerangespirit and #FRSambassador

BrandChamp ambassador platform tasks title description

After setting up the title and the description, define how the ambassador can submit their screenshot in the “Verification Instructions”.

Verification Instructions

In the Verification Instructions section, you will inform the ambassadors about how this task can be submitted.

-Insert “Upload a Screenshot below” to inform the ambassador that the activity can only be submitted with an uploaded screenshot.

For the “Verification Data Format” section

-Select the “File Upload” bubble.

The final step is in the “Approval Outcome” section. In this section, define how you want to approve the activity.

The first option is the Default “Approve” outcome. With this outcome, there will only be 2 scenarios, “Approve” or “Reject”.

The second option is a “Custom approval outcomes”. This option allows you to define the multiple outcomes an activity can have. For example, social media post with 100 likes=100 points, social media post with 50 likes=50 points.

-For this example, choose “Default Approve outcome”.

BrandChamp ambassador software admin verification and approval

After setting up verification details, click “Next Step – Reward”. In the Reward tab, assign this activity a points value of 200 Points for example. From here, click “Next Step – Limits”.

ambassador software platform activity rewards points

In the Limits tab,  the activity will be set up so that an ambassador can submit one Instagram Story per week.

To set the activity limit for one story per week, first, select the “Weekly” bubble under the Completion Period.

Next, set the “Competition Limit” to 1 time per week.

ambassador software interface completion period completion limit

Finally, click the “Next Step – Presentation” button to set up the activity presentation.

Activity Presentation

The last step for setting up the Instagram Story activity is in the “Presentation” tab. In this section, define how the activity is presented in the ambassador’s portal.

The first step is to choose a BrandChamp provided Icon.

-Click “Icon”, then type in “Video” to use the video icon.

Next, make this activity available.

-Check the “Available” box under the “Availability” section.

For the “BrandChamps Tags Filter” section leave this blank. No filter is needed when creating an activity for all of your ambassador.

-Sorting Order: 100 (This will now show the activity at the top of the ambassador’s activity list)

ambassador management software activity presentation icon availability sorting order

After the activity is created it will show up in the “Activity Types” page and in the Admin Portal.

ambassador software send us your Instagram story activity

Navigate to the Ambassador Portal to see the Instagram Story Activity that was just created.

Submitting Instagram Story as an Ambassador

After logging in as an ambassador, go to the “Activities” section by clicking “View”.

BrandChamp ambassador dashboard view activities

In the Activites Section, locate the “Send us your Instagram Story!” activity at the top of the list.

BrandChamp ambassador portal available activities Instagram stories

After clicking on the activity, review the activity instructions, reward, and completion limit that was set up earlier.

BrandChamp ambassador software activities Instagram stories instructions rewards tasks

To upload a screenshot, the ambassador can now drag and drop a file or browse for a file.

When the file is submitted, the ambassador will then be redirected to the “In Progress” Activities section and will be notified that the activity is “Pending Review”.

Ambassador portal activities in review in progress

From here, go back to the BrandChamp Admin Portal to view the Instagram Story submitted.

Reviewing Story as Administrator

To view the Instagram Stories in the BrandChamp Admin portal, go to the “Activities” page in the “Activities” section.

ambassador management review Instagram story

In this page, scroll down to view the Instagram Story Activity that we just submitted.

Before approving this Instagram Story, leave a comment and preview the photo to ensure that the ambassador followed directions.

BrandChamp ambassador sotware approve reject Instagram story activity

After adding a comment and approving the activity, your ambassador will then be rewarded with their 200 points.


With ambassadors creating content on Instagram Stories and Snapchat, their closest followers can now keep up to date with the ambassador’s daily life and see how their favorite brand fits in. This type of content is super beneficial to a brand as it opens opportunities to reach new customers with authentic daily content.

Want to get some help managing your ambassador program and get strategic insights from experts? Reach out to learn about our ambassador marketing services.