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How we helped Ben Hogan Golf with their Brand Ambassador needs

We wanted something straightforward, very simple, and that did what we wanted it to do. You’ve delivered
Hallie Vasseur, Creative Director.


The Ben Hogan brand was founded in 1953 by the two-time Masters Champion who played professionally for 40+ years and is known for having the perfect swing. In 2017 the brand re-launched as a successful direct-to-consumer golf company.

The Challenge

Paying for golfers on the PGA tour to represent a brand is expensive. It can cost half a million dollars per year for just one person, and at that price, the brand could only get an average performing golfer. Instead, the brand decided to take a more grassroots approach and focus on real people on social media that are more relatable and Ben Hogan customers.

The brand launched the ambassador program on another ambassador marketing platform that promised ease of use and many benefits. However, the other software was very challenging to use and time-consuming. They found themselves teaching ambassadors how to use the software daily so that they could complete a couple of activities for the brand.

How BrandChamp Helped

One of Ben Hogan’s team members who used BrandChamp with another brand recommended the platform to the marketing team. With the help of BrandChamp’s customer success team, they quickly re-launched their program on BrandChamp’s ambassador marketing platform.

By moving to BrandChamp, they were able to create activities and manage their ambassador with ease. They were also able to save tons of time with an intuitive software platform that didn’t require giving ambassadors tutorials daily.


The impact of switching was significant for Ben Hogan, they were able to save the marketing team countless hours every month, and it also delivered better results than the other platform they had used. Within a few months, the team reached $267,000 in referral sales and 2,000 completed activities.

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