Rokfit Fitness Apparel

Rokfit's Fitness Brand Ambassador Program

About Rokfit

Rockfit is a fitness apparel brand for men and women with a mission to outfit the modern fitness revolution. Rokfit offers edge and bold designs that enable it’s wearers to make a statement. Rokfit wearers jump, lift, squat and throw. They sprint, surf, climb and skate. They outlift runners and outrun lifters. But they’re not defined by any one of those things

About Rokfit’s Fitness Ambassador Program

Rockfit is looking for influential individuals that align with the lifestyle and values Rokfit has built. Ambassadors need a passion for a fitness lifestyle, awesome gear, and support for the community. Their ideal candidate is not only influential online, but also offline in their local community.

Rokfit brand ambassadors are expected to drive traffic, increase Instagram followers & engagement, work towards building healthy relationships with the brand as well as your local community, and most importantly – have fun doing it.

Ambassadors receive 30% off all apparel and are able to provide 10% discounts to their friends. Additionally, for every referral purchase tracked to your coupon code, you’ll receive 15% of the total purchase value!

Progress Gym Wear

Progress Gym Wear Ambassador Program

About Progress Gym Wear

Progress Gym Wear is a leading fitness brand for men and women founded in Manchester England. Progress Gym Wear’s vision is to create high performance, high quality premium clothing that can be worn both in and out of the gym. 100% of their designs are from their home city in Manchester England using premium sweat wicking technology.

About Progress Gym Wear’s Ambassador Program

  • Ambassadors enjoy a 15% discount on all purchases and can provide their friends and followers with a 10% discount code
  • Opportunity to be featured on their website & social media
  • Select ambassadors have the chance to become a sponsored athlete
  • 10% commissions paid via PayPal on any orders you refer through your coupon code
  • A live dashboard to track all of your referral sales

To apply you need to be passionate about health and fitness, active on social media and be willing to create awesome content wearing the brand.


G-Loves Ambassador Program

About G-Loves

G-Loves is a fitness brand producing awesome workout gloves. G-Loves was founded by Hedda Royce. Since beginning her fitness journey at the age of 10, Hedda noticed she had something in common with other women – their hands hurt, and workout gloves on the market were usually built for men.

Hedda quit her investment banking job to start G-Loves in 2009 to design a glove with a focus on comfort and protection. Over time her brand grew to encompass mens workout gloves and a variety of different glove products. G-Loves’s headquarters is in sunny Los Angeles California.

About G-Love’s Fitness Clothing Brand Ambassador Program

What G-Loves Is Looking For:

G-Loves is looking for ambassadors that are passionate about Pilates, yoga, weightlifting and fitness in general. Ambassadors are positive and motivated athletes that are supportive and encouraging of other people’s fitness goals and journey. Ambassadors should have a work hard, go-hard mentality and an active social media presence, although the number of followers you have isn’t the most important aspect of your application.

Ambassadors are expected to post twice a month with awesome content featuring G-Loves products and your passion for fitness. Additionally ambassadors are encouraged to leave at least one positive review on a G-Loves product.

What you can expect:

  1. 15% off all G-Loves products
  2. Live dashboard to track all of your referrals
  3. Select ambassadors have the chance to transition to a Sponsored Athlete
  4. 7% on all commissions you refer via your discount code or tracking links


Gym Shark Ambassador Program

About GymShark

GymShark was founded by a 19 year old college student, and quickly became the fastest growing company in the UK, and the go-to case study for fitness apparel brands launching relationship marketing programs. GymShark’s revenue hit $50mm in 2017 and around $120mm in 2018, largely driven by their relationships with social media influencers.

GymShark’s Fitness Apparel Ambassador Program

GymShark’s program has evolved over the years, and today they lock their ambassadors / sponsored athletes into long term engagements.  This aligns with our recent survey of 35 top  e-commerce influencer marketers on the tactics they stopped using – the #1 response was brands aren’t seeing ROI on one-off influencer engagements and instead are locking down longer term engagements.

Check out GymShark’s sponsored athlete Shaun Stafford’s tips on becoming a fitness ambassador.


Lululemon Ambassador Program

About Lululemon

With a yearly revenue of $2.65 billion in 2018, Lululemon is the largest athletic apparel brand retailer in Canada. Lululemon also has one of the largest fitness apparel brand ambassador programs in the game – and there is a lot to learn.

About Lululemon’s Ambassador Program

Lululemon takes a unique approach to ambassador programs. Instead of focusing on high status social influencers like their peers, Nike and Under Armor, Lululemon focuses on ambassadors that are integrated into their local fitness community.

Lululemon’s focus on community enables them to recruit high profile, local ambassadors without paying them cash.

Learn more about Lululemon’s ambassador program from Lululemon ambassador Daniel Cook, a CrossFit instruction.