Influencer Management Simplified

Manage, measure and reward influencers at scale

One Influencer Platform

BrandChamp brings all of your brand’s influencers together in one place. The BrandChamp platform gives you a branded portal for all of your influencers with integrated campaign management and tracking for each influencer.

  • Access all of your influencers in one location from any device
  • Tools for managing influencers
  • Create challenges and tasks for influencers to complete
  • Review influencer submissions in real-time
  • Manage and approve changes to influencer profiles
  • Automatically onboard or reject recruits
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“BrandChamp is awesome! I love it!”

Callie Egland | Influencer Management, Inner Fire Apparel

Save Time & Improve Performance

BrandChamp helps increase influencer engagement and deliver more value from influencer marketing campaigns. Manage large numbers of influencers with personalized notifications, automate daily workflows and improve communication with influencers.

  • Dedicated accounts for each influencers
  • Influencers can update their profile and select challenges and tasks to complete
  • Monitor and approve tasks by influencers and automatically assign rewards
  • Total rewards for challenges completed by influencers and issue them with the click of a button
  • Configure an automated on-boarding or rejection process for your recruting
  • Tweak you influencer program on the fly to improve performance
  • Monitor influencer activity and sales across marketplaces updated every 15 minutes
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Benefit from Tracking & Analytics

Track and measure the performance of your influencer campaigns. With BrandChamp you have analytics on sales and activities across social media sites and marketplaces.

Increase referral sales and brand loyalty

Learn how BrandChamp’s ambassador marketing software can help grow your brand.

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