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Learn how Inner Fire Apparel improved the day to day operations and performance of their brand ambassador community with BrandChamp.


Inner Fire Activewear’s apparel collection for female athletes is sustainably produced in Canada. They are focused on creating activewear that protects the environment and cuts down on harmful emissions. Their yoga leggings are made from BPA-free recycled water bottles. Their athletic shirts are hand-printed in-house and manufactured in North America. Inner Fire Activewear hopes to create products that heal the earth and connect people with a passion for yoga and fitness.

The Challenge

Inner Fire saw a need for more visibility and brand recognition from its audience. They set out to grow their presence on social media and build sales with a brand ambassador program. They chose BrandChamp to build their ambassador program and increase sales. Using BrandChamp, Inner Fire was able to quickly scale its brand ambassador program without spending time tracking sales revenue and ambassador sign-ups.

How BrandChamp Helped

BrandChamp helped the Inner Fire team define and strategize their ambassador program based on the needs of their customer community. BrandChamp was able to define rewards for its brand ambassadors, manage the day-to-day tasks on the platform, and identify customers with a social following who would be a great fit for the program. After onboarding several ambassadors with a strong social community, Inner Fire gained exposure on social media and through sponsored content on blogs.


Inner Fire’s brand ambassador program brought incredible value to the company, with referral sales skyrocketing and the brand’s social equity growing daily. After implementing a brand ambassador program with BrandChamp, Inner Fire saw an increase in monthly referral sales and gained traction on their social platform. They were able to make the first page of Amazon’s product listing results with the help of product reviews from influential customers and referral sales. Each month, they see over 100 Amazon product reviews and more than 400 social media posts per 100 brand ambassadors.

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