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BrandChamp helped Ragnar hold ambassadors to a higher standard

Ragnar Relay is stoked by all the possibilities BrandChamp offers and our relationship is still in its early stages.


Ragnar was founded in 2004 by Steve Hill in pursuit of his lifelong dream to hold long-distance relays across the stunning mountains of Utah. The Ragnar Relay has grown since then to feature multiple divisions and nationwide events. Runners in the Ragnarian community attend these events regularly to take part in unique relay-based team activities.

The Challenge

The previous ambassador marketing software used by Ragnar made it almost impossible to manage hundreds of people. In addition to more user-friendly software, their team required a more reliable way to track ROI. Ragnar also needed a clearly defined structure to set goals for ambassadors with specific tasks and responsibilities.

How BrandChamp Helped

A Ragnar marketing manager and former brand ambassador recognized these challenges and found BrandChamp through a Google search. After speaking with a representative, the team found that BrandChamp provided everything that they wanted to achieve with a new program.

The team began building and testing Ragnar’s platform with BrandChamp by working with previous ambassadors. This process revealed the new system’s strength at managing ambassadors and holding them to a higher standard of accountability.

BrandChamp made it possible for one team member at Ragnar to manage hundreds of ambassadors and applicants. The ambassador management team now had quick access to applicants’ social media profiles to assess their activity level and organic voice.


BrandChamp made it possible for Ragnar to create a four-part training program to develop quality ambassadors and unify the brand’s voice. The management and reporting tools in their new program allow them to identify and dismiss ambassadors who are inactive.

BrandChamp’s adaptable platform helped Ragnar transition from managing virtual events only back to holding live events nationwide. Their new program enables them to fill both roles with ease.

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