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Skirt Sports Mobilizes 1,000+ Engaged Customers To Create User-Generated Content

Learn how Skirt Sports converted customers into brand ambassadors and a thriving community.


Skirt Sports was founded in 2004 by Nicole DeBoom. Skirt Sports is more than a brand of running clothes, it is a diverse community of women who encourage and inspire others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Skirt Sports embarked on a Brand Ambassador program with nothing more than spreadsheets and word documents. The number of brand ambassadors grew exponentially from 25 to more than 1,000.

As part of the effort to distinguish the brand and its Brand Ambassador program from others, Skirt Sports introduced other initiatives such as a reward system. Soon, it became evident that spreadsheets and word documents weren’t going to cut it anymore.

The Challenge

Without a system to manage the program’s growth, it risked falling by the wayside. With evidence of Brand Ambassadors winging it on social media with directionless posts, Skirt Sports knew they needed a drastic measure.

The challenges to be tackled were streamlining and automation. Both are critical to ensuring the program is effectively and efficiently managed. Moreover, it has to facilitate further growth of the program.

A 9-month search proved futile. But in BrandChamp, Skirt Sports found a system that ticks all the boxes.

How BrandChamp Helped

BrandChamp made it simple for Skirt Sports to organize and use the data about brand ambassadors. The effort was seamless, from the application, creating profiles, communication, and rewarding them.

In addition, she easily integrated BrandChamp with the brand’s social media activities and e-commerce platform. To this end, having it all under one roof gave her the sense of control she needed to ensure the program’s future growth was not littered with unpleasant surprises.

The ability to track and measure the effectiveness of the program’s activities is another feature of BrandChamp that would not have been possible with spreadsheets and word documents.


In just 1 year, thousands more new customers were acquired. The brand’s social media statistics looked just as stunning as Skirt Sports’ clothes:

  • 70,000 Instagram photos
  • 25,000 Brand Ambassador social media posts
  • 38,000 new Facebook followers
  • 95,00 #womenwhomove Instagram photos

Using BrandChamp has helped Skirt Sports fulfill its vision of creating a diverse community of women leading a healthy and active lifestyle. It can focus on this vision now and spend less time and effort to manage its brand ambassador program, thanks to the streamlining and automation features of BrandChamp.

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