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Learn how marketing agency Yoga People was able to improve the performance of the brand ambassador marketing campaigns they manage for clients with the help of BrandChamp.


Yoga People is a full-service marketing agency that works specifically with yoga studios to build their online presence and promote their brand. Driven by their passion for yoga, the mission of Yoga People is to connect yoga studios with yogis through digital marketing and brand presence. Along with full-service digital marketing, Yoga People develops and manages brand ambassador networks for its clients.

The Challenge

Because Yoga People managed brand ambassador programs for several of their clients, they struggled with time-consuming tasks in their processes. Their capacity for developing new programs was limited by operational tasks like managing brand ambassadors, issuing rewards, and reporting ambassador actions. They needed a streamlined solution that automated onboarding processes and delivered rewards to brand ambassadors in their client’s programs. They were able to streamline their work and focus on results for their clients with BrandChamp.

How BrandChamp Helped

With the help of BrandChamp’s all-in-one brand ambassador management software, Yoga People quickly created new brand ambassador programs for clients and built their capacity to manage more programs. An easy to follow sign-up form and automated welcome emails improved the onboarding process for new brand ambassadors for Yoga People’s clients. They can now easily observe ambassador activities and issue rewards without tedious manual tasks.

The ease of the platform allowed Yoga People’s client programs to grow and bring more ambassadors into their programs. With automated tools for ambassador onboarding, Yoga People saw more interest in joining the ambassador programs they managed.


Yoga People saved more than 30 hours a month, on average, while managing brand ambassador programs for their clients. They were able to focus more on driving results, which led to a 300% increase in sales revenue for their client’s programs. They also received an increase of 225% in ambassador applications for their clients after launching BrandChamp.

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