Influencer Analytics and Reporting

Measure the impact of your influencer marketing campaigns and discover the impact of individual influencer on your brand.

Monitor Performance in Near Real-Time

BrandChamp allows you to see referrals sales, campaign performance and revenue across marketplaces. Get a comprehensive snapshot updated every 15 minutes. Discover what influencers are driving sales and positive exposure for your brand.

  • Track referral sales for each influencer
  • Sales across marketplaces including Amazon and Shopify
  • See the content created by influencers and sharing on social media
Influencers analytics report interface drawing growth chart bar graph

Influencer Campaign Analytics

BrandChamp monitors and reports on the activity of influencers in near real-time. See new activities, social posts and sales generated by each influencer.

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Track Influencer Participation

BrandChamp shows you the influencers that are driving sales and growing your brand. See what activities, campaigns and rewards are keeping influencers engaged.

  • See the number of posts influencer make on social media
  • See the content created by each influencer
  • See the total revenue generated from influencers
  • See conversions from influencers

Increase referral sales and brand loyalty

Learn how BrandChamp’s ambassador marketing software can help grow your brand.

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