Beauty brands on Instagram have become increasingly recognizable due to a significant push in the growth of the beauty industry as a whole. According to Business Insider, beauty has become a $500 billion a year industry, due to a few trends. One of which is the use of social media platforms, specifically Instagram.

Since influencer marketing has grown rapidly over the past few years, beauty brands are taking advantage of stepping outside of traditional marketing and are using different influencers’ social media platforms to reach a variety of demographics.

Today, some of the most well-known Instagram accounts are promoting not only their own beauty brands but also featuring other products in their posts. Influencers have made themselves globally relevant through the promotion of makeup and other beauty products on Instagram.

Billionaire and pop-culture icon Kylie Jenner has her own established line of beauty products, one where she frequently is promoting on Instagram and even uses Instagram to highlight others acting as a beauty ambassador.

So outside of the major celebrities, what are other beauty brands, of a variety of sizes, using Instagram for? Below we’ll take a look at five companies with beauty brand ambassador programs to help increase sales through Instagram.

Beauty Brand Ambassador Programs

Beauty Fit Ambassador Program

About BeautyFit’s Ambassador Program

Beauty Fit is a supplement company that focuses on motivating those interested in living a healthier lifestyle. They sell products such as skin care creams and lotions, whey protein, and workout powder. They also offer an option to shop by goals, which allows customers to buy products directly related to their fitness and health goals, whether it be weight loss, muscle toning, energy increase, and more. Along with their product sales, Beauty Fit’s website provides recipes, motivational articles, and fitness tips to its customers.

Beauty Fit has a beauty and fitness ambassador program for those interested in representing the health goals of the company. They are looking for community involved role models who are active in both fitness and social media. These beauty brand ambassadors will serve in a variety of roles, and being active on social media, posting on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and personal blogs and websites.

For more information on the different roles that a Beauty Fit ambassador will serve in, check our their Ambassador FAQ.

BeautyFit Ambassador Instagram Activity

Instagram is an essential aspect of the Beauty Fit ambassador program as the ambassadors are expected to be active in posting and engaging with their followers while promoting the products. Beauty Fit will often send discounted products to its ambassadors if they promote deals for their various product lines.

Aside from posting when using their products, Beauty Fit ambassadors are expected to use the correct hashtags, such as #Ambassador #BeautyFitAmbassador, #Ad in addition to @beautyfit, and #teambeautyfit.

To learn more about what it takes to join the beauty brand ambassador program for Beauty Fit, you can check out their application here!

HD Beauty Ambassador Program

About HD Beauty’s Ambassador Program

HD Beauty is a skincare company based out of San Diego, California. Melanie White, the founder, created this company after her years of working and consulting in the skincare and beauty industry. On its online store, the company sells masks, lotions, and bundles that focus on rejuvenation and anti-aging. Aside from its store, the company and its founder provides virtual consultations for those looking for personalized treatment for their skincare needs.

HD Beauty Skincare Boutique has an ambassador program for those looking to promote its products in the community through blogs and social media platforms. The potential beauty brand ambassadors will be enthusiastic and passionate about the brand and products.

There are a number of requirements and expectations for those interested in joining the team. Find out more about the responsibilities, requirements, and benefits of HD Beauty’s ambassador program!

HD Beauty Ambassador Instagram Activity

A beauty brand ambassador for HD Beauty Skincare Boutique is expected to post at least one photo or video of them using HD Beauty Clinical Skincare products at least every other week. The company wants its product to be spoken about in a positive manner and its ambassadors to highlight new products or sales.

The social media posts of the ambassadors are expected to provide links to the company website and social networks. Each post can also include a unique and exclusive discount code for each ambassador.

To learn more about the HD Beauty Brand Ambassador program you can visit their HD Beauty’s website.


About Orglamix’s Ambassador Program

Originally launched from Chicago, Illinois as an Etsy store, Orglamix is a cruelty-free make-up company focusing on sustainable and minimally made products. The company sells over 350 handmade vegan products that vary from eye shadows, balms, foundations, and brushes. The company is dedicated to its mission of making wholesome and sustainable products that are good for people, animals, and the earth.

Orglamix is looking for beauty brand ambassadors who are passionate about its mission to help spread its beliefs and promote its products. These brand ambassadors will receive discount codes to promote, which are to be shared on their social media channels. They will also take photos with the products and tag the company.

Those interested will apply to be a brand rep and after three months, are moved up to be a brand ambassador. There are different benefits to both positions which can be found here.

Orglamix Ambassador Instagram Activity

Serving as a brand rep or brand ambassador for Orglamix means your primary job is to post on Instagram, as anyone interested needs to have a public profile with at least 500 followers. The company wants its reps and ambassadors to take selfies of them using the products and to share their personalized discount code to promote new products on the website.

The application to apply to the program is actually all done on Instagram, as the process requires applicants to post pictures and use the hashtags #RepOrglamix and #BrandRepSearch.

To learn more about the program and it’s activity on Instagram, please visit their application page!

Winky Lux

About Winky Lux’s Ambassador Program

Winky Lux, founded in 2015 as part of the Glow Concept family, is a makeup company that creates products that are meant to allow its customers to play with different colors and palates for their own self-expression. Their mission is to unite those people from around the world to join a community where people can experiment with makeup and share their creations. The company will often launch limited edition products and colors that will not be created again. Hence, they create a strong customer chain that notifies its loyal buyers when new versions are available.

While Winky Lux began their ambassador program allowing anyone interested to apply to help promote their products, it has since transitioned into more of an affiliate program, where the company looks to promote with different makeup and beauty influencers.

However, the set up is the same as the company is looking for affiliates to use their community to promote Winky Lux products on social media, primarily Instagram.

For more details on benefits and requirements for the program at Winky Lux, click here.

Winky Lux Instagram Activity

The affiliate program for Winky Lux is based around the community of self-expression, so their affiliates will be posting on Instagram, tagging the company when using their products in their make-up creations. Often, their products will be used alongside those of other companies, as seen above.

Hashtags are also an essential aspect of the Winky Lux family. Affiliates posting with their products are to use #itsawinkyworld and #winkylux when using one of their products in a post. The posts will also link to Winky Lux social media or websites.


About Faviana’s Ambassador Program

Faviana is a women’s clothing company, focusing on dresses for formal events such as prom, cocktail parties, and celebrity events. The company is based upon its core values of empowering women and helping them develop personally and professionally within their communities.

Based on these core values, the company runs an ambassador program that looks for female leaders in their communities that are passionate about fashion. Faviana hires strong young women, whether they’re in campus brand ambassador programs in high school or college, or just starting out professionally.

The brand ambassadors for Faviana will serve in several roles. They will contribute to the website’s blog, join a network of leaders in the fashion community, and of course, promote the brand on social media.

Faviana Ambassador Instagram Activity

Brand ambassadors for Faviana are active on social media, especially Instagram, tagging the company in posts featuring their dresses. They also build relationships with retailers by visiting their stories and creating social media content while tagging these local stores. While posting using their dresses, ambassadors will also engage with their followers to help them learn more and spread the values and mission of the company.

Visit the Faviana site to learn more about the ambassador program!

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