User Generated Content

8 Benefits of User Generated Content

Is your company benefiting from all the photos, videos, blogs, testimonials, and reviews being made for the brand? User generated content or UGC is the 21st-century word of mouth marketing and should be implemented into every brand’s marketing plan. Today more consumers are looking to the content being created by other people to help with the process of purchasing. Why?

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Growing an Ambassador Program with Micro-Influencers

Growing an ambassador program doesn’t just happen overnight. When recruiting new ambassadors make sure you explore all options. Look beyond the famous, popular and influential and seek out people that are truly loyal to your brand. A majority of the public still believes that brand ambassadors should be celebrities that have millions of followers on social media. This common perspective

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Ambassador Communication

8 Key Tips For Communicating with Brand Ambassadors

When running a brand ambassador program one of the biggest building blocks to ensure success is communication. Yes, emailing your community is easy, but how do you truly know if your messages are really resonating with your audience? If you’re already running a marketing campaign or ambassador program then you’ve probably heard a million times about how important communication is.

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Supplement Brands

5 Supplement Brands Winning Big with Brand Ambassador

Did you know that 43% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product after learning about it on social media? That’s right, and these statistics show how valuable ambassadors and influencers are when it comes to promoting your brand. Keep reading to get inspired. 1. Lenny and Larry’s Lenny and Larry’s is a unique supplement company selling high

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eCommerce Brands

How E-Commerce Brands Use Micro-Influencers to Drive Growth

Over the past five years, influencer marketing has become one of the biggest trends in marketing across all kinds of industries. An influencer’s endorsement of a product is a huge motivator for their highly engaged, often fanatical audience. However, brands have recently started to question the value of the strategy, as the price for working with top influencers has risen

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Finding Micro-Influencers

7 Ways to Find Great Micro-Influencers For Your Brand

You probably already understand the importance of influencer marketing, but have you considered using micro-influencers to promote your brand online? Whereas influencers are often celebrities or social media superstars with a million or more followers, micro-influencers have smaller networks of a few thousand people. Micro-influencers are rarely public figures, but are usually well respected on social media within their niche.

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