Software for your Influencer Network

Build your private influencer network of trusted, engaging authentic social influencers for your marketing campaigns.

Build A Network of Influencers

The BrandChamp platform gives enterprise grade tools to build large influencer networks. The platform has everything you need for managing new recruits to running day-to-day operates, tracking performance and issuing rewards. BrandChamp is a powerful solution for agencies and brands looking to scale their influencer marketing.
  • Influencers on-demand, ready to participate in campaigns and promote brands
  • Decrease advertising expenditure and replace it with more cost-effective influencers
  • Create powerful user generated content at scale
  • Make influencers your competitive advantage
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Create Lasting and Influential Relationships

Work with influencers and cultivate a long-term partnership that grows your brand. Make it easy for influencers to find ways they can help, track their rewards and stay in communication with your brand. Tap into the power of influencers who will get your brand in front of customers.

Get Influencers Involved

Having a private influencer network at BrandChamp means you always have >the right people at the right time to drive your campaigns in an authentic and effective way.

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Increase referral sales and brand loyalty

Learn how BrandChamp’s ambassador marketing software can help grow your brand.

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