Who are Brand Ambassadors

Who Makes a Great Brand Ambassador?

Finding the perfect community of ambassadors to represent your brand can be a tedious process unless you know where to look and who to look for. Anybody can be a brand ambassador. From customers to employees, ambassadors can be found for any company both internally and externally. But what makes a perfect ambassador? Is it how many followers they have

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Apparel Brand Ambassador Programs

Best Apparel Brand Ambassador Programs

Ambassadors get to share their passion for some of their favorite brands and get rewarded when someone makes a purchase thanks to their efforts. Brands benefit from organic marketing from people who are truly passionate about their products. Want to learn more about some of the top apparel ambassador marketing programs? Keep reading. Are You A Brand Starting Or Growing

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Ambassador Program Template and Playbook

Special thanks to playbook contributors Noelle Wilson at Skirt Sports and Nolan Heyer from Kaged Muscle. Look out for quotes, tips, tricks, templates and examples from Noelle and Nolan throughout the playbook. Our team has helped hundreds of brands generate tens of millions of dollars through how to create brand ambassador programs over the last four years. The large volume

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Influencer Marketing Tactics Brands Dropped in 2020

Influencer marketing is predicted  to hit $10 billion next year, up from $2 billion in 2017. The industry is iterating quickly with the influx of investment, and tactics and strategies used by e-commerce brands are being depreciated quickly as the industry matures. We sought to understand the influencer tactics and strategies brands dropped in 2020 based on their learning in

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5 Tips to Increase Brand Ambassador Engagement

If your company is familiar with ambassador marketing or has a brand ambassador program then you may know that one of the biggest challenges faced is maintaining high levels of engagement. During campaigns, ambassador engagement levels should be a key metric to keep track of because it directly correlates to the promotional content being created for your brand. The math

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Top Social Media Platforms

Top Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing

There can be little doubt that influencer marketing is one of the top marketing trends at the moment. Using the power of influencers, brands can reach large, niche-specific audiences quickly and easily. This form of promotion is so popular that an incredible 86 percent of professional marketers took advantage of it in 2016, with still more growth expected going forward.

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Launching Ambassador Programs

How to Start A Successful Brand Ambassador Program

Over the years I have helped hundreds of e-commerce start successful brand ambassador programs. BrandChamp’s ambassador software platform helps brands manage and scale their brand ambassador programs through automation across the entire ambassador life-cycle – ambassador recruitment, activities, activity verification, reward distribution and communication. BrandChamp helps brands measure the impact of their ambassador campaigns on their bottom line by integrating

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3 Ways To Increase Brand Loyalty With Brand Ambassadors

Quite possibly the most vital component contributing to the health and growth of a company is brand loyalty. Ambassadors are a great asset every brand should invest in as they’re on the front line to help promote and represent your brand. When you recruit your fans that are customers to become brand ambassadors, something special happens. Your brand gains the

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Recruiting Ambassadors

How To Recruit Brand Ambassadors

People use sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out about new products or services and hear first-hand accounts about the quality of those offerings – and it works. According to the American Marketing Association, word of mouth advertising is 2.5 times more impactful than traditional advertising – and brand ambassadors are a big part of that. However, gaining

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Skirt Sports: Ambassador Marketing Journey

Ambassador Marketing Journey: Skirt Sports

For the past 5 years, Skirt Sports has been on an ambassador marketing journey because they want their customers to know one thing: It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, you will always be welcomed in the Skirt Sports community. On top of this commitment, Skirt Sports also developed other strategies to achieve success throughout their ambassador

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